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Cosmic Consciousness

97.5% of the time "Cosmic Consciousness" is a huxter selling worthlessness at a premium. Others are not quite so worthless.

"I can't get with any religion that advertises in Popular Mechanics." - Woody Allen

AMORC was founded by H. Spence Lewis and "11 other Freemasons."

Some want to "tour a Masonic Lodge and learn more about the secretive brotherhood." (Most have 'open house' days when the public is INVITED IN for tours! Oh, and there are no secrets. [Well, for those that DO NOT READ and those THAT CAN NOT READ, there are billions of secrets.]

"The founder of AMORC, Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis (Ph.D., F.R.C.), was a collector of various artifacts with mystical symbolism, some of them from the East. In 1921 he contributed financially to the archaeological excavations at Amarna."

When I taught an AP class in Comparative Religions (stand 'em on their head and they ALL share the same feet), I would say: "There is but one god - Aten - and Akhenaten is his prophet!" (Hint, akhenaten IS moses) Even Freud was onto this in 1939!

And, the Amarna letters are written in Akkadian (the lingua scholastica of the day)

What does ANY OF THIS have to do with the (singular) "Cosmic Consciousness?"

The quest for truth ends in the revealing of the truth (to those with eyes than can see and ears that can hear, etc.). This will come about - if not in this generation, then perhaps the next. Prophecies often fail. Though prophets fail, the profits remain (in the pockets of the huxter).


21,000 BCE

The Zodiac is a visual means (or device) by which folklore (or an approximation thereof) can be 'remembered' and passed on to another generation by an enfeebled old fart. Not all civilizations share the same symbols for the zodiac - or even the same number (12) that is common in the West.

For example, the Mayan Astrology Chart is divided into 19 zodiac signs.

Wiki Zodiac

But, For H. Spence Lewis and his "popular mechanics" Rosie-Crossers, 12 would do just fine, thank you.

Religions of the Levant are half-astrology - especially the "Bible"! And, I am NOT referring to the KJV. (Which is a "furnishing" in every Masonic Lodge.)

AMORC was onto this in 1915, being rather LATE in the game.

Francis Rosicross is a good start.

The Cosmos is "what we will it to be."

Sentient Beings ARE the awareness by which the "Cosmic Consciousness" can experience itself. In individuals, there is no "self." Each is no more than another pine needle in a great forest.

In Buddhism, sentient beings have consciousness, sentience, or in some context life.

The "time of Adam And Eve" was literally a GRAND AGE!

The GRAND AGE of the Crab is literally chiseled in stone.

Egypt was NOT about Golden Calves, but Sheep!

Which brings us back to AMORC and the obsession with symbolism. (PUBLISHED IN 1912)

What set scholarship back 100 years? WHAT?

Regardless, Amarna put me onto Akkad (or Agade).

The publication of the Glossary of Old Akkadian, was announced in 1952, at the time when volumes I and II of "the Assyrian Dictionary" were being issued. Assyria is like apolitical - not political or "not Syria" for the former. There is a great deal that is "not Syria." China comes to mind. Or maybe even Cambodia!

I hope you are aware that LDS is a copy of Freemasonry...

The first five Latter-day prophets were Freemasons. Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and Lorenzo Snow all were members of the fraternity. All joined while living with the Saints in Nauvoo.

Let's see... LDS, AMORC...

And, Freemasonry copied from Buddhism (as did Christianity)

Folklore and the similarities therein - e.g. Nu-Wa flood and Noah flood - keeps the "Cosmic Consciousness" in the same book - though not necessarily on the same page.

It's all a myth - a simulation of cosmic proportions - even life itself!

See Takuan Soho (1573-1645) and Dream.

Do not rely on stupidity or ignorance to bring you the truth.

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