Monday, February 11, 2008

Different Strokes - same foundation

Suzuki taught: "Pay close attention to the details of form, for true freedom is found there (Hinayana practice with Mahayana mind)"
However, in form there is content. That content is emptiness.
Hinayana is a substitute for Theravada:

Four Noble Truths:
1) Suffering
2) Cause of Suffering
3) Extinction of Suffering
4) Eightfold Path

Three Theravada training points:
Sila = moral training (critical thinking)
Samadhi = mind training (corpus of knowledge)
Panna = wisdom training (application of knowledge)

Three characteristics of existence:
aniccam = impermanence
dukkham = suffering
anatta = myth of self

The Three Jewels are:
Buddha = that Gautama Śākyamuni awoke (bodhi)
Dhamma = that Buddha taught
Sangha = that communities of Buddhists exist

The goal is Nirvana (extinguishing desire)
This is not rocket science.