Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Bottom Line is...

About 30 years ago, a social isolate was surprised to learn that I had friends from college, high school, and even elementary school remaining in my social circle. What a concept! My wife and I attend class reunions for both high school and college graduating classes! ('66 and '70, respectively).

Donald Trump has no friends! That's why he has to rely on his children and in-laws to help him run (or ruin) the white house!

In France, Trump befriended le Pen. How did that work out for her? Or Him? (Denial)

Then there is that May thing in England.

Or the Middle East?

The only people on the planet willing to "make friends" with the trumpster in the dumpster happen to be Russians! And they can almost immediately identify a simple fool like the trumpster.

I am not saying that Trump is stupid. I am saying that Trump is INCREDIBLY STUPID!

And a liar.

The big money folks happen to stand behind the general concept of having a republican in the white house. The big money folks also don't give a sh*t about the trumpster in the dumpster. Pence is just fine with them.

Trump's support in the republican party is eroding fast. They might just dump him in the next 180 days. There is quite a bit of discussion about just that very thing in off-the-record discussions.

There’s a YUGE decline in the number of Americans who strongly approve of Trump, from a peak of 30 percent in February to 21 percent now. That decline is larger than the overall decline in his 'approval' ratings. Far from having unconditional love from his base, Trump has already lost a third of his strong support. And voters who strongly disapprove of Trump outnumber those who strongly approve by a 2-to-1 ratio.

Wait, watch, and laugh.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

not yet time...

It is not yet time to start the 100 day countdown.

For those of you who may be lacking a liberal education (e.g. leftie fetchin' up), music (like a theme paper) tends to advance from theme to development to recapitulation. Today, we got the theme.

Among the white house staff, there is some overall concern.

Trump threw one of his well-known tissies when the Ruskies published a picture of the trumpster in the dumpster bowing down to their diplomat.

Trump? You know the old song: "Liar, liar... pants on fire."

Trump claims HE is the victim! It's the voters that got raped! Pity the under-educated southern red-neck base of his!

If only his base knew the truth!

"In 2012, a Fairleigh Dickinson University survey reported that Fox News viewers were less informed about current events than people who didn't follow the news at all."

It's just not the Cult of FAU, it's also the Cult of Trump!

We are aware of the "TRUMP" brand. There is even a Trump Toilet (besides which Trump is IN the toilet).

Thile some are "dropping a log" in the Trump, others just pity the simple fool.

There are those (no longer with us) who spoke a more amusing truth.

As for the rest of us, "We, the People..."

Can sit back and watch part two (the development)...

and, perhaps, in 180 days, enjoy the recapitulation.

In the meantime, we must appreciate our surrounding:

show compassion...

and still enjoy the show.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

It has to be...

The NSA leak came from "Reality Winner."

She likes dogs...

Before I proceed, a word about the word (covfefe).

Trump is good at DISTRACTION.

However, the eyes are on the prize - RussiaGate.

RussiaGate is a non-trivial matter.

Here are the SEVEN CHARTS.

Above is a congressional chart.

And the trumpster's reaction:

Remember, the first arrest was the trumpster's arrested development!

And all them-there born againers are worried...

There is a boom in dumpster art:

And news with little content:

And the outcome of the meeting:

Compare that with things that matter:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

qui se ressemble s'assemble

"Yes. me, Donald Trump is not a rich man. Donald Trump is like what a hobo imagines a rich man to be."

"And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations." Luke 16:9 (See also: Matthew 6:24)

According to the Bible, the golden calf (עֵגֶּל הַזָהָב 'ēggel hazāhāv) was an idol (a cult image). In Hebrew, the incident is known as ḥēṭ' ha'ēggel (חֵטְא הַעֵגֶּל) or "The Sin of the Calf". It is first mentioned in Exodus 32:4.

The most disturbing aspect of Donald Trump is not his empty rhetoric, non-substantive solutions, or even his brash politically-incorrect style. The most disturbing aspect of his candidacy is what it says about so many of our fellow citizens. A veritable personality cult developed around Trump rivaling that of L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology). And it’s just as speciously founded.

I agree that the political left needs to back off of this problem. This is a Republican problem. Yes, this is a Republican problem. Although I seriously doubt the republicans can deal with it, they need 180 days to try.

Trump has a lot in common with... "the opulent homes of Donald Trump bear remarkable likeness to the grand palaces of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein"

This is neither surprising nor is it news.

The trumpster in the dumpster has a real problem with news outlets. News outlets want to report what is going on (besides a MEMO signing). Trump wants no part of truth!

He is moving ever closer to his goal.

But RussiaGate will not go away.

Trump and the Ruskies...

Will Trump be called to testify?

Forget war, poverty, global warming, starvation, etc. It's all about Trump!

Besides, after the Republicans impeach Trump, he will get out of jail - free.

Congress will take a hard look at Trump logic:

and give him his ticket.

What a waste of time and money this (trumpster in the dumpster) turned out to be!

The cult of trump was a distraction for the simple-minded.

It was so very obvious from the beginning...