Saturday, February 4, 2017

displaced burger place

Trump's "alternative facts" adviser Kellyanne Conway managed to get two YUGE whoppers into just one brief, 19-second answer. First, she said that the Obama administration banned Iraqi refugees from entering in the United States for six months in 2011 — which lacks even the slightest element of truth.

Second, and perhaps the whopper of the year (Insha Allah), she made up a terrorist attack committed by Iraqi refugees that never happened — the “Bowling Green Massacre”

Given more time, Kellyanne could have covered the entire While House lawn a yard deep with her BS talk.

Duh trump administration IS the new home of the REAL WHOPPERS!!!

Fake Vigil Honor Victims Of Kellyanne Conway’s Made-Up Bowling Green Massacre

The baboon hired a buffoon!

I will never ask you to fact check the trumpster in the dumpster untill we know what we mean by "FACT."

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Duh Trump's first report card...

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, President Trump has a very low job approval rating and faces serious skepticism from American voters. VERY LOW.

The retard just struts his stuff - ignoring the OBVIOUS...

But isn't he a successful business man?

A lot of [easily fooled] voters have invested more than $100 in this TURD (Trainee Under Rigid Discipline - his name in military high school).

Hatred buys failure. And those who were taught to hate liberals and liberal ideas (by hate talk radio) and bought into the trumpster in the dumpster are going to find themselves knee-deep in swamp muck. Muckers!

At least duh trumpster is a COMPLETE ...

What do you expect? Really???

What will they say in red states?