Saturday, March 19, 2011

Buddha light is not Buddha lite.

"You're a republican, aren't you?*"

Buddhism [a PDF] is the first developed science of meta-cognition (thinking about thinking).

As a group, conservatives tend to act on emotion (e.g. fear) rather than reason.

As a group, progressives tend to act on reason (e.g. consequences to the food chain) rather than fear.

Koan practice [a PDF], which nearly all Buddhist Sects encourage, is about developing reasoning. And Zazen provides an opportunity to think sans the interactions that ignite emotions (DUH!).

As you have already been informed, there are few graduate schools of psychology which do not explore some of the concepts developed and tested by the early Buddhists. I don't know if Pat Robertson's college or Jerry Fall-Well's College, or Jimmy Swaggart's College even have graduate programs in psychology. Like LRH, they might just be more interested in washing the brain than developing it.

Buddha light is not Buddha lite.

*A question asked to confirm a suspicion.