Saturday, March 31, 2018


No one can deny" "Donald is STUPID!"

Way back in the day, the "boy governor" of California proposed a "State Communications Satellite." And he was right! A state communications satellite would have saved the State of California HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in phone and network charges over it's projected lifetime. The right wingnuts called him "governor moonbeams" to discredit the idea.

STUPID Donald Trump recently used the "moonbeam" label out of his strongest suit - ignorance.

This is really ass-clown antics on steroids - from THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

"w" was just the village idiot. Drumpft is a bona-fide MORON!

I can imagine a dissertation on plumbing the depths of Drumpft's stupidity. The line must be very long to mark twain (measure the distance between the bottom of the riverboat and the bottom of the Mississippi River).

Those who are hook-line-and-sinker into the trump cult will never surface again... they have drowned in the water with which they were brain washed. (Drumpft has no "brain.")

No one can deny:

Trump is STUPID

Trump is STUPID

Trump is STUPID

Trump is STUPID

Trump is


it took him 5 years to finish 4 years of high school and six years to finish four years of college... nuff sed

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