Sunday, May 26, 2019

I love it.

Protocol. Trump doesn't get it. Why would he? He is a simpleton.

Culties (in the Trump worship tent) think Duh Donald is "in command." LOL

"flattery will get you nowhere. Flattery does not work where critical thinking skills exist. The phrase is used to discourage one's efforts to win favor through flattery.

Abe knows that flattery works with Duh Donald. LOL

So too, does Putin.

Trump's rallies are about the adoration of Trump. (Fools)

I expect Duh Donald will wear out his welcome 20 seconds after the summit is over. OVER

Trump will take credit for Sumo.

Trump is all about Trump.

Duh Donald is all about duh Donald.

I like Trump! He is the over-sized anchor on the Republican row-boat Titanic!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Trump Tantrum (he needs to grow up)

President(?) Trump threw another temper tantrum. Wednesday’s was epic. It didn’t just play out in the Rose Garden where all the cameras were, it started inside the White House where Trump stormed out of a meeting with Nancy Pelosi. Trump blew up a plan to repair and modernize America’s infrastructure including roads, sewer pipes, bridges, drinking water, and airports.

Remember the last Trump tantrum? The government shut down, small businesses were hurt and 800,000 federal workers went without pay. Trump came out the political loser.

This time Trump has decided he is not going to work with Congressional Democrats unless they ceased all investigations of him. Unbelievable! (But then Duh Donald ain't too bright.)

Trump doesn’t realize that his childish tantrums -- stonewalling Congress and walking out of Wednesday’s meeting -- only highlight that he’s hiding some sh*t. And what he is hiding must be really, really bad sh*t.

Trump’s Herculean effort to conceal his sh*t is undermining the core of our democracy, with Wednesday’s tantrum costing jobs and infrastructure. $140 billion to fix roads and bridges, $115 billion to modernize America’s water and sewer systems, and $40 billion to improve our airports and make air travel safer have all been taken hostage.

Ego, fear, and his autocratic negotiating style led Trump to slam the door shut (on his own shoe).

He wants to yell, scream, and throw things. But when you are the president of the United States you have an obligation to rise above banal infancy for the good of the nation.

If you are a Republican hardliner or immersed in the Trump Cult, you’re hoping history will blame Democrats for “overreaching.”

Odds are history will blame the president.

Regardless of what you believe, the truth will eventually come out.

It’s time for the president to put on some big boy pants, and go to work just once in his miserable sheltered life.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Duh Donald in the sandbox

From the beginning, analysts predicted the Taj wasn’t going to make enough to stay afloat. They were right. The Taj, which would be slapped with fines for “significant and long-standing” money laundering, and had ties to Hong Kong organized crime, went bankrupt in 1991. Trump’s casinos would go through five bankruptcies in Atlantic City.

Duh Donald’s brain had a flaw

Beyond autism, Asperger's, and all.

But Duh Donald said: “I am the one…”

And Yes, “I know it all…”

Lock her up his dualist mantra

So now he’s ready for kinder – gatcha.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Oh, yeah.

Trump is running out of fools to play.

A is for Airlines.

B is for Booze.

C is for cattle.

Investors loose.

D is for denier.

E is a vowel and Trump is just foul.

F is for football and G for the Generals.

Yep fools worship this con man, in a suckers parade.

Steel and steal sound the same.

To Duh Donald a changed name.

So let's sit up and cheer, over a steak and a beer.

Some say Duh Donald Trump is the worst business man in America!

I am tired and through, and have no time for U.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Slip Slidin' away

Trump scrambles to reverse Rust Belt slide

His campaign is trying to bail out his sinking ship in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — where its own polling shows him trailing Joe Biden.

The president won each state by less than 1 percentage point in 2016.

“The fact that the president and vice president are frequent travelers to Michigan — I think that shows that everyone gets the math,” said former Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, a Trump supporter who recently joined the president for a rally in Grand Rapids. “Do the math: You’ve got to carry a state like a Michigan, a Wisconsin, a Pennsylvania.”


Wait, and see.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Trump boasts of ‘military life’

Many of us are aware that Duh Donald spent 5 years at New York Military Academy finishing 4 years of high school.

NYMA has other notorious graduates.

Chinese investors saved Donald Trump's 126-year-old high school alma mater

“I felt like I was in the military in a true sense,” Trump said of his studies at New York Military Academy, “because I dealt with the people.”

Delusional Donald hold himself in VERY HIGH regard, unlike the people who know him,

Duh Donald is not JUST another dick.

When it comes to dishonesty, Duh Donald is "home of the whopper."

But he does have all the characteristics...

THE issue of the century is not even on his mind (no empathy for his own grandchildren).

And them uneducated, uninformed folks?

Have Trump "economy cheerleaders" looked at an entire year?

It is all good. Democracy will survive - "if whatever Gods may be" will keep a hands-off approach.