Friday, September 22, 2017

Let's see...

My older sister and I were not raised.
Nor were we cultivated.
We were (and are) weeds.

The evening conversation with mom went with her starting: "Let's see, bread and butter..."

"meat and potatoes."

Do you know what happens when you ingest meat and potatoes together?

It is "Stupid Food."

Especially when meat was from swine (pork).

And, because there was no planning, meat and potatoes were fried!

About 30+ years ago, I realized eating pork is a good way to shorten your life and increase your misery during your last decade or two.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Meet me in Nambia for COVFEFE!

If President Stupidity said it, it must be true!

Social media leaped onto his error and as people tried to figure out which country he meant.

They asked whether he meant Namibia, Zambia or Gambia.

Nambia is the world's top exporter of covfefe — Andrew Stroehlein (@astroehlein) September 21, 2017

Perhaps Trump is planning a tower.

With His Stupidness in office, North Korea is a distant threat.

We have a lot of sh*t to pick up in our own back yard.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Trump Emmy

On Sunday, Baldwin took home the award for best supporting actor in a comedy series for his portrayal of Trump on the most recent season of "SNL."

"I guess I should say, at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy."

It’s really quite weird that Donald Trump still cares about not winning an Emmy.

According to Kellyanne Conway, however, the president is far too busy to give much thought to Baldwin's Emmy win on Sunday — or his taunting of Trump for all those years without an award.

Baldwin went on to joke that his Donald Trump costume was not exactly welcome at home. "My wife and I had three children in three years. We didn’t have a child last year while I was doing SNL," Baldwin said. "I wonder if there is a correlation there? You put on that orange wig, and it's birth control, trust me."

In the meantime, over in dumpsterland,

Trump says the U.N. spends too much money and has too many staffers, and declares: "We are not seeing results in line with this investment." (The royal "we.")

while: "Trump White House Staff Payroll Nearly $36 Million And Top-Heavy"

heaviest at the very top!

Some people ride trump kinda hard!

Let's cut the fat in the white house kitchen!

The greater your weight, the lower your IQ, say scientists.

Cross-sectional studies have found that obesity is associated with low intellectual ability...

Trump's childhood was a predictor: "Psychiatric symptoms in adolescence as predictors of obesity in early adulthood: a longitudinal study."

Face it, Trump is fat and stupid.