Friday, February 12, 2016

DTs over TCs

Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz are battling for the Republican nomination.

Except two powerful factions of the GOP is now clashing over the question:

Which man is more dangerous?

Conservative intellectuals [who are few and far between] are convinced that Mr. Trump, with his message of nationalist-infused populism, poses a dire threat to conservatism.

However, the Republican lobbyists, operatives, and elected officials inside the Washington Beltway are much more unnerved by Mr. Cruz, a go-it-alone, hard-right crusader who campaigns against the political establishment and could curtail their influence and access, building a new Republican machine to replace them (the old well-established Republican machine - see my previous post).

This massive division illuminates much about Republicanism and the surprising bedfellows brought about when an emerging political force begins to imperil the entrenched elite power.

The Republicans who dominate the right-leaning magazines, journals, media conglomerates [Clear Channel?], and political groups [CPAC, JBS, Tea-Baggers] can live with Mr. Cruz, believing that his nomination would leave the party divided, but manageably so, extending a longstanding intramural debate over pragmatism versus purity that has been waged since the days of Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller. They say Mr. Trump, on the other hand, poses the most serious peril to the conservative movement since the 1950s-era far-right conspiracy huxtering [JBS] John Birch Society.

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Tomorrow: What thrust Trump through the 495 Beltway Sphincter into the Mainstream National Orifice. Definition of Sphincter.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)

Transrectal ultrasound is performed with the patient lying on his side with his knees bent and involves a small cylinder-shaped transducer which is lubricated and inserted into the rectum

Why would we TRUS TED?

Q: How does a politician say 'screw you!' (?)

A: "Trust me!"



We know the GOP is the party with a vision.

We know the Republicans are clowns at a circus.


If these fools were just 'ever so slightly' more devious, then their base could not follow them at all.

Here is a word of wisdom for you:

In the vernacular, republicans are thugs.

The GOP first gains your trust and then economically - but ritually - strangles you.

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