Sunday, March 15, 2015

How many gods are there?

You mean this week? I don't know, but PLENTY. reports 22 "Major Religions" - each with half a million followers (or more) - throughout the world.

However, these 22 include secularism, atheism, and agnostics as "one group" and there may be no "god" in some segments. Buddhism also has no "god" in the western notion os the word (e.g. we are all gods or there is not a god that can be known to the vast majority of people).

Neo-paganism, as a group, is used to incorporate a large group of modern revivals of ancient religions. Most Neo-pagans would have multiple gods and/or goddesses thereby making counting gods nebulous.

Shinto has a multitude of gods - research that one yourself. Rei Hino is a Shinto priestess (Miko) who transforms into Sailor Mars...

Another problem comes from Hinduism which, according the their scriptures, has 333 million gods.

Some Hindu's will say there is only one god with 333 million avatars or manifestations, but enough believe in the 333,000,000 total that the total number of gods would be well over 330,000,000 gods. Others go for just 33,000,000. Yet others say 3003... or 33 Celestial gods?

Steve Jobs had some interest in aspects of Hinduism. We know he (Steve Jobs) eventually adopted ZEN BUDDHISM as a spiritual path.

Somewhere, there is a bottom line.

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