Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Long, hot summer.

First, we are looking at a hot weekend out West.

But it took a long time - decades - to get here.

There are a couple of obvious events in the chart. World War One is one and World War Two is another. Both wars pumped carbon into the atmosphere.

Now let's look at POPULATION.

Add a few million cars and trucks and then a few million jet airplanes. You can see the run-away effect is obvious!

But the good news is that it will get hotter. I'm talking about a VERY HOT (melted) Earth.

In just 3 billion years, ALL LIFE will cease on Earth.

But that is good. All Atomic Power Plants and spent fuel rods will melt down and irradiate the planet.

Then, a billion years later, another galactic collision!

Of course, no person or thing will be here to see it!

And THAT is all she wrote for the late great planet Earth!

And Trump is still an embarrassment!

And Shiro is still cute!