Saturday, June 17, 2017

Simple Fools.

You can fool all of the people some of the time
and some of the people all of the time
but you can't
fool all of the people all of the time.

Trump's base is in bold above.

For those of us who are not simple fools, Trump-bots, or the unwashed retarded, (or Joe "the Plumber" types)...

This clown is NOT presidential. He is not even close to being presidential. He is far far away from leading America, let alone the "rolling derailment" in the white house!

The issue is RUSSIA!


Because Trump's base is so easily fooled by his dishonest utterances, he can set them off with the tweet "Witch Hunt."

The Bathetic thing is this: "Trump will never find happiness in the white house. Never." He can not tell the truth.

If he has something to say (which I seriously doubt) then he need not fall to the bathetic.

I will leave you with a few reactions to the trumpster in the dumpster.

Friday, June 16, 2017


A recent BIZARRE display from the trumpster in the dumpster

makes MANY professionals wonder...

and I wonder also.

There is much to be said about the playground bully in the white house.

However, there is not a single person in Washington D.C. that the trumpster in the dumpster will listen to.

So who does he go to for advice?

That cabinet meeting reeked of PROPAGANDA. It was K.G.B. all the way. Milking the Cult of Trump.

You know that Putin is a Cossack Saint!

Did you know that the trumpster in the dumpster is also a Cossack? Seriously!

And that Putin and Trump are out to "Make the World Great, Again." (?)

And THAT explains the bizarre 'circle-jerk' cabinet style in the trumpster's twisted administration. Psychosis uber alles.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Long, hot summer.

First, we are looking at a hot weekend out West.

But it took a long time - decades - to get here.

There are a couple of obvious events in the chart. World War One is one and World War Two is another. Both wars pumped carbon into the atmosphere.

Now let's look at POPULATION.

Add a few million cars and trucks and then a few million jet airplanes. You can see the run-away effect is obvious!

But the good news is that it will get hotter. I'm talking about a VERY HOT (melted) Earth.

In just 3 billion years, ALL LIFE will cease on Earth.

But that is good. All Atomic Power Plants and spent fuel rods will melt down and irradiate the planet.

Then, a billion years later, another galactic collision!

Of course, no person or thing will be here to see it!

And THAT is all she wrote for the late great planet Earth!

And Trump is still an embarrassment!

And Shiro is still cute!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trump's New Limerick Laureate

Trump is no highbrow. To him, a limerick is as good as any poem. He therefore named the nations first Limerick Laureate* who wrote:

World leaders continue to stare
At the man with the ludicrous hair:
They find it bewild'rin'
That refugee children
Give Trump such a pants-wetting scare.

(actually by Will T. Laughlin)

Needless to say...

So, the trumpster named ANOTHER Limerick Laureate, who wrote:

Anxiety hangs like a pall
Round the world, as it grips one and all.
Other nations ask why
We would vote for that guy.
(I hear Canada's building a wall.)

(actually ―Tim James)

And then for the Congressional Hearings:

Trump prepped his pale Deplorables:
"You're easy marks and scorables!
Now when I bray
genuflect & obey,
and I'll soon promote you to Horribles!"

(Actually by Michael R. Burch)

And then:

at long last, an explanation:

Trump wears an extremely long tie
Mostly red or blue as the sky
It hangs down a notch
And covers his crotch
Lest he forgets to zip up his fly.

Mostly red:

or blue as the sky

*Laureate definition, a person who has been honored for achieving distinction in a particular field or with a particular award: a poet laureate.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Nothing to see here...

NEW YORK — Donald Trump claims a net worth of more than $10 billion and an income of $557 million. But he appears to get there only by overvaluing assets and completely ignoring his liabilities.

POLITICO spoke with more than a dozen financial experts and Trump’s fellow multimillionaires about the Donald’s latest financial statement. Their conclusion: The real estate magnate’s bottom line — what he actually puts in his own pocket — could be a magnitude lower than he suggests. Some financial analysts said this detail, and a very low tax rate, is why Trump won’t release his tax returns.

“I know Donald; I’ve known him a long time, and it gets under his skin if you start writing about the reasons he won’t disclose his returns,” said one prominent hedge fund manager who declined to be identified by name so as not to draw Trump’s ire. “You would see that he no longer has the money that he claims to have and therefore he’s not paying much of anything in taxes anymore.”

Before the election, his businesses apparently generated a lot of revenue but did not put any cash in his pocket; he assigns himself a net worth that is impossible to verify and may be based on fantasy; and he is selling off assets and increasing debt in ways that suggest he is a man scrambling for cash to stay afloat.

Deutsche Bank, which is under investigation by the US Department of Justice and is facing regulatory scrutiny, is looking for evidence that recent loans to Trump, which were struck in highly unusual circumstances, were underpinned by financial guarantees from Moscow.

Of course, the trumpster in the dumpster KNOWS how to use fall-guys.

Trump has built his presidency upon a tower.

We just have to wait it out...

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Turnip's problem with Justice

Justice is not a hooker. Trump can NOT "buy her."

With Comey, the trumpster in the dumpster thinks he can "fight fire with fire." The trumpster has no fire.

That is NOT to say the Trump Camp has no fire. Apparently they have plenty!

And someone somewhere better put out the trumpster's diaper!

The trumpster in the dumpster also claims he will testify under oath. But can he tell the truth?

Trump's contributions are well known.

He is far from being an exciting or inspiring speaker - except to uneducated red-necks. That's why he is on the Snews channel.

There is no need to shine a candle from ear-to-ear with his base. The trumpster in the dumpster has his own proven method.

The trumpster does make headlines!

And his fatness is never above repeating his wire-tap claim.

And yet his base is as solid as a brick wall.

That is only until they sober up a little.

He still has an occasional rally of supporters (empty seats and all).

The truth will eventually come into the light of day - even if it is not in our lifetimes.

And justice will whisper in his ear.