Friday, January 22, 2016

Render unto Cesar a Cesarean delivery

Because of "religious exemption" laws, its Catholic Hospitals may sometimes violate the law and refuse to provide pregnant women with emergency medical care.

I worry about organizations that hide Altar boy buggering and claim "ethics."

You KNOW various Catholic Hospitals have been 'sold off' to pay for the sins of the fathers (Some, listed A to Z).

Dignity Health today signed an asset purchase agreement with Prime Healthcare Services for the sale of Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center. The sale ensures that the hospital will remain open, offering all current acute and emergency care services to the Reno community. Saint Mary's sponsoring congregation, the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, has approved the transaction, which is expected to be finalized by June 30, 2012.

But did you know so-called "Hospital Ethics Committees" may be loaded with representatives from the Spanish Inquisition?

O.K., I am kidding about the inquisition, but not about the torture.

"Whatever you do, if anything happens, don't take me to St. Vincent's." Those were the words my friend uttered to her husband regularly throughout her pregnancy years ago, when St. Vincent's, a Catholic hospital serving lower Manhattan, was still open. Even though St. Vincent's was the hospital closest to her home, she knew the risks of going to a Catholic hospital with a pregnancy complication. She knew that her care could be compromised – that Catholic hospitals adhere to religious directives issued by the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops governing Catholic health services.

"A psychotherapist who treated troubled clergy, Sipe drew on about 500 case files for his 1990 study of celibacy, “A Secret World.” Another 500 priests were also interviewed, plus an equal number of lay people who had been sex partners — as adults or children, willing or unwilling — of Catholic clergy.

His conclusions: At any one time, no more than half of priests are practicing celibacy. Most of the others are engaged in sexual relationships with women or men, but Sipe found that 6 percent prey on minors. (After further research, he revised that figure from 6 percent to 9 percent.)

Selling off hospitals to fund settlements is PART of the issue.

Private entities have taken over LSU hospitals in New Orleans, Lafayette, Bogalusa, Houma, Shreveport and Monroe. Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge has become the home for LSU medical education programs and patient care. LSU hospitals in Lake Charles and Alexandria have closed and private community partners have taken over under special reimbursement deals. ($332 million of the [taxpayer] funding guarantees that those PRIVATE CORPORATIONS will turn a profit).

Extensive research, herein reviewed, shows that for-profit health institutions provide inferior care at inflated prices.

And, more often than not, for-profit health institutions are underwritten by taxpayer dollars!

The poor subsidize the rich an many, many ways.

What can we do? Take it to the Supreme Court?

A poll conducted last summer revealed that one in 10 adults think Judge Judy is a Supreme Court Justice. TIME

Educate yourself.

Educate your children. Choose schools that promote critical thinking.

Educate your close friends. (Ask them if Michael Savage is a Jew or Gentilia). Forget Hannity.

Ancient Greeks and Romans believed bay leaves symbolize wisdom, peace, and protection.

Remember your protection.