Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I'll be Damma in Bamma!

"We're gunna' have a recount," sez Judje Roi More, "Just as soon as we kin' find a few white southerners that CAN count!"

"Put her off 'til High School graduation!" Sez Dr. Dog's son.

"Thall shalt not OOZE STUPIDITY!" Sayeth thy lord, thy god, thy invisible friend in the sky.

A major swinging point (no pun intended) was the trumpster in the dumpster endorsement.

One of the problems wuz that white southern menfolk stopped beatin' on their southern womenfolk long enough for 'em to sneak out and VOTE for the other guy - what's his name.

"Teen-loving Moore loses in Alabama race in big blow for Trump!"

"Life goes on - 'til it don't"

"We had a good show of the colors, but it didn't help none too much."

"Jack Posobiec is a prominent member of the Nazi brigade that identifies [itself] as the “alt-right.” Posobiec was one of the chief purveyors of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory—which led a man to fire an AR-15 in a Washington D.C. pizzeria..." (that has no basement)

Bama has an aversion to "Fruit Salad."

They only vote for a doofus named Rufas.

What moore can be sed?

Birds of a feather...