Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Millennials are more diverse and read more books than their baby boomer parents and do not pine for the pre-globalized economy. As a generation, they are strongly anti-Trump and don’t seem to age in the conservative direction, as their parents did.

Pew’s survey found:

Just 27% of Millennials approve of Trump’s job performance, while 65% disapprove.

Among the 10% of the Millennials who voted for Trump, Buyers Remorse is prevalent. (Remember: 105 Million Registered Voters did not vote in the 2016 election!)

Millennials – express more liberal views and have stronger Democratic leanings than do Boomers. However, they see Obama as MORE liberal.

Millennial voters have favored Democrats in midterms, and that trend continues.

This year, Millennial registered voters support the Democrats by a wider margin than at any time in the past.

The GOP is not in the least bit popular with this generation of voters.

More than four-in-ten Millennial registered voters (44%) describe themselves as independents, compared with 39% of Gen Xers and smaller proportions of Boomers (32%) and Silents [a.k.a. really old farts] (27%),” the poll says.

A majority of Millennials (59%) affiliate with the Democratic Party (35%) or lean Democratic (24%). Just 32% identify as Republicans or lean toward the GOP.”

Millennials are far less religious than older generations and much less likely to be married.

On Norquist’s issue, millennials take a liberal stance on the size of government.

“Millennials are more likely than older generations to say it is the federal government’s responsibility to make sure all Americans have health care coverage.”

Millennials are more concerned about economic inequality (66 percent say government favors powerful interests).

Millennials support a progressive income tax - pre Reagan in scope. Millennials know that: "You can not borrow you way out of debt!"

Millennials are skeptical of the United States’ role in the world and don’t express support for huge military spending.

80 percent of millennials “say America’s openness to others is essential, compared with 68% of Gen Xers, 61% of Boomers and 54% of Silents (really old farts).”

“Millennials are the only generation in which a majority (55%) says Islam does not encourage violence more than other religions.” (e.g. religious extremists of all flavors)

By about three-to-one (64% to 20%), Millennials say NAFTA is good for the U.S.

“Millennials, in particular, stand out for their positive views of immigrants: 79% say they strengthen rather than burden the country.”

As a generation, they are more likely to recognize that there is global warming (81 percent).

In sum, they look to someone other than a 70-something billionaire for solutions.

Millennials are inclusive, open to the world, follow changing science and very concerned about the poor.

The GOP is going to lose among these voters by a mile.

What may be most reassuring is that we’ve already seen how effective millennials can be in energizing public opinion and using social networks. They are coming of age in an era in which citizen participation (generally in opposition to Trump) is flourishing and mass movements are once again emerging.

What is engaging this generation as active citizens rather than passive consumers of partisan tripe may be that they are high-information voters.

Millennials provide some good news in the Trump era — here is a generation that believes in civic engagement and has confidence in its ability to influence the political debate by using the technology.

Millennials aside, Trump still has some support. Wait, and see...

The above map might give you a clue as to why so many congressional republicans are retiring! (Then they can claim they never lost!)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trump's Autism

No one can deny:

“It’s clear that he doesn't see other people,” said ... “There is a kind of social autism in which Trump just doesn’t connect with other people... this is part of his genetic makeup.”

(Trump is wondering why HE is not the center of attention.)

Pentagon and White House officials have started coordinating a parade to showcase America's military strength after Trump said he wanted "a parade like the one in France."

Why it matters: costs associated with such a parade "could [easily] run into the [tens of] millions" after shipping "tanks and high-tech hardware to Washington."

Trump said he was inspired by Paris' Bastille Day Parade last year, and told French President Emmanuel Macron that the U.S. is "going to have to try to top it."

"My parade is bigger than your parade" is autistic thinking.

No one can deny that it runs in Trump's family (genetic link) and that he blames something for his "lack of perfection."

Trump consistently finds ways to belittle those around him - but that doesn't help with his basic problem. He is defective.

A court ordered psychiatric examination might be a good start.

A tree taken from a World War I battlefield in France and planted during French President Emmanuel Macron’s state visit last week has disappeared from the White House lawn.


Trump did not like Macron's speech to a joint session of congress.

AUTISTIC Retribution.