Tuesday, September 1, 2015

a messier mess gets even messier...

What a mess.

You know what the poles say...

O.K. the polls, not the poles...

The 2 outsiders - well three if you count the WOMAN (which republican'ts don't) - have kicked the politicians "ifs, ands, or buts."

And that is in the opinion of FOX (not news).

Is Fox News the worst news source on TV?

I think they are SECOND worst - behind themselves.

In 2012, FOX was a dismal failure. The PR arm of the GOP failed to fulfill its prime directive: advancing the interests of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

In the 2016 race, they are just beside themselves.

FOX threatens WAR - gimmie a break!

I am tempted to say: "FOX ain't shit."

But that statement would be incorrect.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thinking - outside of the box

The box, in this case, it PEETS (in a strip-mall, of course).

Inside the box, you have the usual cast of characters: The Bable Study folks, the OuiJa board folks, the Tarot readers, and the cathaholics.

Outside the box, you get freethinkers.

The tables are empty because the Bable folks, the OuiJa folks, the tarot folks, and the cathaholics have just made way for people who think.

Bable is academic slang for 'ignorant' as Pagan is dead Roman's slang for 'village.'

A cathaholic is a person with a compulsive-addictive personality disorder who is addicted to Roman Catholicism.

We've had a dozen people show for the usual discussions - parallel universes, alien abductions, the IMF conspiracies, Jungian quantum psychology, and the debt before Obama was elected and reelected.

Republicans and Xtians TEND TO have selective memories. They seem to remember the 'good' and attribute the 'bad' to liberals, democrats, and "them" who ain't like US (meaning fat, stupid, and gullible).

Lee Iacocca is remembered for a recycled phrase.

Lee Iacocca is not remembered for what he ACTUALLY said: "Safety doesn't sell."

Business ethics?

A quarter-century ago, another Trump named Lee Iacocca trailed Vice President George H.W. Bush by only three percentage points for the Republican nomination. While his political affiliation was questionable, nobody had any trouble identifying Iacocca's favorite target - the Japanese.

The list of "Incomprehensibly Stupid Things Said by Republicans" would fill bookshelves!

Right wingnuts brush it off with: "Well, Democrats do it too."

Really? Send me a list.

At least he didn't ride into Canada on a redneck Harley.

And thank whatever gods may be we don't see one parked in front of PEET's.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

You know you're getting old when...

Monday, my sister (who lives in Reno) was early to rise...

Puts on her business suit...

Walks a few blocks over to the Peppermill...

helps herself to a complementary coffee...

carefully selects a vegan (no butter) scone...

Sits with other seminar attendees for 30 minutes chatting...

goes to the seminar room...

and notices that the title on the screen is incorrect.

When she points out that she signed up for a different seminar, she is told:

Well, you have the right day, but your seminar is NEXT month.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Who stole me?

While I was away, somebody stole me.

What am I to do?

Start HERE?

Little do they know that, as a Sagittarian, the local gov keeps a close eye on me. Maybe 2 eyes... we'll see. I heard it with my own eyes; I saw it with my own ears.

There are inter-galactic consequences to stealing the identity of a Sagittarian.

In your next life cycle, you are neither Earth born nor Earth bound.

In my home galaxy, you get more than the cold shoulder - you get the cold arm.

It's not easy, being an alien.

She (the lady with the picture above) marries a robot, I married an Earthling!

I think... some days, I am not certain...

Monday, August 17, 2015

Myths and Denials

If you live in California and you want to deny global warming, you picked a poor year in which to try out denial.

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Thursday confirmed California has had the hottest year since they started keeping records 120 years ago, in 1895.

"For the first eight months of 2014, California has been record warm," said Jake Crouch, a NOAA climate scientist. Crouch said the 62.6 degree average temperature this year beat the previous record, set in 1934, by a full degree. "That may not sound like much," he said. "But when we usually talk about year over year temperatures, we are [usually only] talking about fractions of a degree. And so the fact that we are more than one degree above the previous record is quite a large jump.”

The state is also the driest it's ever been since they started keeping records.

"If we look at the past 36 months, California is record dry for that period," Crouch said. "The state racked up such a huge precipitation deficit it would take to a lot of rain and snow [over a number of years] to make that deficit up and get California out of drought."

We have another year, so relax.

Then, it's welcome to the Hotel California. The 'tipping point' was around 1975. (see chart above)

And it's starting to look like we are in real hot water.