Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Right about right...

I recently lost "a friend" over coffee. I need to be careful (e.g. buzz-word "mindful") about what I say.

Until recently, he managed a retail outlet in a chain owned by BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC. You know, that left-leaning empire also known as Warren Buffett's holding company. You also know about Coke and Liberals... (and confusion and republicans).

It's different for Oxycontin and Republicans. Well, Rush isn't exactly a republican (he never voted for Reagan).

If you believe a woman named Wilma Cline, the nationally syndicated radio personality Rush Limbaugh would drive three miles from his $23 million Palm Beach, Fla., estate to a Denny's parking lot so that she could hand over a cigar box concealing dozens of tiny prescription painkillers. The loquacious Limbaugh, his housekeeper says, was often high on "hillbilly heroin."

So, he "was never charged" with a crime.

Anyway, this isn't exactly about Coke and/or OxyContin; It's about PERCEPTION.

So, "Warren Buffett's holding company" spins off this underperforming chain to a republican vulture capitalist - who cuts costs. My friend lost his company car and expense account (understandable) and then was demoted from "manager" to retail clerk. It seems that somebody's cousin had a daughter that was a recent graduate - with a worthless degree - from a private Xtian college and SHE was the new manager (far from nepotism, it was merely a necessary "realignment of command at the helm" as the chickenhawks like to say.)

"The second-worst school: Valley Forge Christian College in Phoenixville, PA. Its 30-year ROI is negative-$178,000 and its total four-year cost as of 2012 was $114,100. Not surprisingly for a Christian school, students tend to earn degrees in religious studies, which don’t lead to the most lucrative careers."

HP's stock lost half of its value during the tenure of Cara Carleton Sneed. Perhaps this chain will experience a similar episode. Wait, and see.

So, like the employees of Sam's Club, this fellow is NOT a happy camper. But he is not in a homeless encampment - at least not yet.

None of the folks living in "the jungle" had Ph.D.s from India.

None of the PhDs from India are in Religious Studies.

Good luck with that one... (Ehrman began studying the Bible at Moody Bible Institute, where he earned the school's (nearly worthless) three-year diploma in 1976. He graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois, where he received his (real) bachelor's degree in 1978.)

No wonder some Xtians are Moody.

Just don't look for a plethora of transfer credits (a PDF].

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I missed "it."

I mean "Going Clear" just last week as well as est four decades ago.

My friends tell me that it is a kind of updated replay of the TIME article from days gone by. Again, I missed it. I simply do not have cable/satellite TV (never have, never will). I lack the time, temperament, and taste for "1,000 channels of nothing to watch."

"The revelations in Alex Gibney’s new documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone who’s read Lawrence Wright’s devastating, similarly titled book-length exposé. (Nor will your generic ethic officers bat an eyelash over the exposure.) But a movie is a very different thing than a book, for better and for worse."

As for est, it has been reborn yet again (and dies) in some new forms. It remains a tepid world - between heaven and hell. (YAWN) I will awake you when the time arrives.

Part of "Large Group Awareness Training," est was, in my opinion, a short shot at satori for the fools (and their recently separated money).

esties would buy a bumper sticker and drive around with this tangible representation of their gullibility on the ass-end of their CVC, BMW, or rent-a-wreck.

Besides, SOME derived an ersatz 'right of passage' from est where they had (1) failed to grow up, (2) failed to finish college (or high school) and/or (3) recently received a bad performance review (from either an employer or bed-partner - or both).*

Jim Jones was a MASTER of LGAT - to the bitter end.

BBC Documentary...

So, the Jonestown 'rite of passage' was - as they say - to the other shore.

Then there is that word: LITIGATION.

And the other word: CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY.

*There is evidence that many of those who sign up for LGAT programs such as Landmark Forum are having major problems in their lives. Y. Klar, R. Mendola, J. D. Fischer, R. C. Silver, J. M. Chinsky and B. Goff, reported in the Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology [990;58(1):99-108]

'google' your favorite LGAT and either the word "suicide" or the word "litigation."

O.K. - fair enough?

Your brain is your brain - be responsible for it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Subcultures within subcultures...


In the 1950s, the Beatniks were a youth subculture.

Bob Denver plays a Beatnik HERE

Within the transition from the Beatnik subculture to the Hippie Subculture (e.g. the 1960s), popularized SF Zen emerged. Zen, in the N.Y.C. area had arrived a decade or so earlier. That is/was the Alan Watts, D.T. Suzuki wave of Zen.

SF Zen Center was part of the Haight Ashbury Scene in San Francisco.

Another factor during that time was the "free love" movement

and, to a lessor degree, wife swapping.

FInal Scene...

So, to say that Richard Baker was "sleeping around" was only to say that Richard Baker did not divorce himself from the Scene in San Francisco - especially around the Haight.

What I am saying is that Rickard Baker was not evil. He simply did not detach himself from the world of hedonism that surrounded Zen Center. That was, at worst, a weakness on his part.

Hedonism's motto was: "Find your pleasures and maximize them." Drugs, sex, and rock and roll.

Do not make artificial distinctions based upon ignorance. Either educate yourself or withdraw from the useless activity of condemning others for that which you do not understand - or can not understand.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lindis Yarn

In 1972 William Irwin Thompson founded the Lindisfarne Association as “an alternative way for the humanities to develop” in a scientific and technical civilization. Lindisfarne became an loose association of self-identified scientists, artists, scholars(?), and contemplative folks(?) devoted to “the study and realization of a new planetary culture.” (e.g. competition for the illuminati)

Here's a picture of the WIT.

In 1973, Lindisfarne was hatched in Southampton, New York. It moved to Manhattan in 1976, and, finally, to Crestone, Colorado in 1979 where today the Lindisfarne Fellows House, the Lindisfarne Chapel, and the Lindisfarne Mountain Retreat are under the ownership and management of the Crestone Mountain Zen Center.

That would be the Richard Baker connection... Crestone Mountain Zen Center.

Interior photo HERE. and below...

I will allude briefly to GOOD READS and then move on.

The winter edition of Zen Center‘s journal, Windbell, reported: "The precipitating event which brought this about was his [Baker‘s] relationship with a married resident woman student, and the upset which this caused for those principally involved, and for others in the community who knew about it." (Baker, who was also married, had been involved in similar situations before.)

So he was a horn dog... the point being? It could have been FAR WORSE.

Lindisfarne gave Baker (after all, "a contemplative person") somewhere to go - Crestone, Colorado.

There is no need to say "boys will be boys" in the genetically encoded sense of the word.

And Twits will be twits.

Tomorrow, I defend the whole scene by putting it in CONTEXT.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's Xtal Clear...

I am NOT equating the "hour of Power" with Scientology.

What Robert Schuller and L. Ron have in common is that BOTH are dead - and the world may or may not be a better place. If we dwell in the realm of hell, then what the hell are we doing without more with the likes of L. Ron and Schuller? I am having some doubts here!

This fellow (the Orchestra leader) offed himself in a toilet (inside "the church") after "he opened fire as congregants prepared for a Christmas pageant." Was that a Merry Christmas? I don't know.

Robert Schuller 1926-2015 - the late creator of "an hour of power," who started in a parking lot (drive-in theater). He is best known for the Xtal Cathedral... - now converted to a cathaholic temple.

Once upon a time, I prepared a class in JumboTron Repair for field service engineers.

"The family that prays together stays together."

What Schuller was missing was merely a "mini-me."

However, it seems to me that both "had the hat, but not the cattle"... if you get my drift.

Both turned little into much but, in the end, met their end.

From Green...

to a couple of compost heaps...