Sunday, August 28, 2016

$100,000 - a month

It's no secret (that I have metastasized cancer).

And, it's no secret that the new chemotherapy costs $100,000. The AVERAGE cost is $100,000 a year - in the unlikely event you even live that long.

There is a remotely related article HERE

And then, there is the 68 cent solution (actually 54 cents). Delta 9 THC

Cannabis and cannabinoids have been shown to damage or kill the cancer cells!

The first study was conducted in 1974!

Scientific Studies showing that cannabis can kill cancer cells. It has been knows since 1974 that cannabinoids in cannabis such as THC and CBD can kill cancer cells. It should be "against the law!"

Nordic version.

The price of chemotherapy now routinely reaches $100,000 for a full treatment course.

Most insurance covers 80% - you out-of-pocket cost being reduced to $20,000.

Accept no substitute. Talk to your oncologist about Delta 9 THC.

Since the cat is out of the bag, research has been decriminalized.

Really ass-backwards states don't allow weed.

Like Americans going to Canada to reduce the cost of prescribed medications, so to will there me a migration of cancer patients to states with less barbaric options. Weed is expensive where people don't know that Heracles was a dying-rising god.

And, the next day it snowed.

Was the hat straw or was the man?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Slipping down the slope...

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump's support among white men, his base, is showing surprising signs of weakness.

The Voice of America also reports that new political surveys show support for Donald Trump may be eroding faster than previously reported.

The Donald has NEVER had support among women of "child-bearing age."

About the ONLY thing the Donald has "going for him" right now points a stream of yellow at the urinal in the mens room.

However, it is premature to announce that "Trump is the end of the GOP!"

Friday, August 26, 2016

A Trump in the Punchbowl

There is no doubt about it, low information and limited-ability voters are going for Trump - all 20% of them.

Everything that the Donald does is apparently newsworthy - at least to some - at least to some on the fringe of humanity - providing you use the liberal definition of humanity.

Trump is in it for the attention. He knows he will not win - by a large margin - unless he gets a really BIG stick of margarine.

Trump has a simple world view - as do most simple-minded supporters of the Donald's rant. The Donald has no stump speech because - in the absence of an amputation, he has no stump!

Most people see the Donald for what he is - a steaming heap of groat clusters!

Besides giving the GOP the finger, the Donald needs to buy some targeted advertising.

Get a clue - the Donald has no shoe!

He only needs a few things - besides a clue. New speech writers might be a good start.

Trump or Drumpf?

Republicans? Let's call the whole thing off!

Speaking of tap, I can't believe this was ever popular!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What R the FAX?

FAUX is not news. Many people - even in the remote reaches of the Earth - know FAUX is a rag - a checkout stand rumor monger.

Poor Roger, his jowls got too big for his jaws and he was thrown to the sharks. Pig out, little fish!

In the meantime, the "Not Trump" is on the stump. While Trump passes through - the sump pump.

Now, for some reason, I am not in the Trump fan club.

Perhaps it is because hypocrisy is not my philosophy. Sophism alone cannot illustrate my view of Trump.

Among folks with the IQ of a Duck Turd, Trump is seen as something other than another duck turd - Donald Duck Turd.

The old philosopher once said: "If a Duck turd, by trajectory of by design, lands in your hat, WEAR IT!."

But then HE never wore a Trump hat. He was burdened with a higher IQ and hot duck turds do not a perfume make.

This is the year of "the least popular" not being elected. Oy vey!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Polls say...

I have 75% confidence in polls and statistical sampling. Some polls are more accurate (less biased) than others.

A few days ago, it looked like Trump would get his ass kicked so bad that his nose would bleed. Today, a small change (delta).

The polls are TRENDING in the $Hillary's favor. (Jill Stein gets my vote)

But them, I am NOT buying a watch.

Trump had an ARC break with the Kelley Girl.

David Miscavige has ordered Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly to appear at Scientology’s Flag Land Base for a major ethics handling.

Some say Trump will 'close the gap.' He's a closer, all right.