Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cognition, recognition...

With more than 30 percent of the Bible market, the NIV has loyal following. When translators introduced a language update of the NIV (the TNIV), ass-backwards "Americans sounded the alarm."

First, translations are - by no means - certain. A word-for-word translation has limited value because while languages change, the speakers of those languages recycle old words to fit new meaning (thereby erasing recognition - or cognitive equivalence). Translation of the cognitive equivalents (e.g. thought-for-thought) is -at best- a patchwork of approximations because no one today is certain just WHAT the ancients were thinking or to what they might have been alluding. Also, parallels (cypher) have been lost more often than not. Add that puns and wordplay were often employed by the pre-standup comic element of the genre [of scriptural writers].

Bible translation differences clearly point out how modern words are 'best estimate' selected to translate or illuminate the metaphor in the ancient scripture.

Let me add that the same word-for-word and thought-for-thought problem exists for Buddhist Scriptures (including the more recent - comparatively - writing of Dogen)! Furthermore, more recent examples are available.

The debate itself is informative of how little we know - or can know. It also explains the generation-to-generation language gap.

So, my advice to those who wish to endlessly argue over minutia: "Shut the f*ck up!"

Monday, March 2, 2015

Well, I declare...

First, JEB was inspirational at CPAC.

Now, on to something that matters...

Declarative Knowledge is found in books, lectures, speeches, and videos.
Procedural Knowledge is found in experience, practice, hands-on workshops, and the like.

Declarative Knowledge has little practical value while Procedural Knowledge has great value.

It's like the old saying: "Give a man a fish and he may eat it. Teach a man to fish and he may feed his family." At least until the fisheries are depleted. Old sayings do not take into account new conditions.

So it is with sitting.

HERE is the Declarative Knowledge - from which you learn little.

HERE is the practical value lesson - demonstrated.

An older back may have many limitations.
HERE is a far better example.

A youthful back may have few limitations.
If you want to learn how to sit for 30 minutes, then go sit for 30 minutes. Accept no substitutes.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ignorant or free?

Thomas Jefferson once wrote:
"I have sworn upon an altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. A nation cannot be both ignorant and free."

The Peale portrait (1791) is here:

Ignorance is the cause of much suffering.

Oh, I know, desire (or craving) are the cause of suffering. Craving POWER, craving wealth, craving recognition - in short, being a paranoid republican.

Why are Buddhists happier?

Because they CAN be.

Why are most republicans miserable?

Because they are ignorant.

And in their ignorance, they can never be free. Pity the ignorant, pity the republican.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tories to Republicans

The Tory Party traces its politics to the English Civil War. The Royalist (or "Cavalier") supporters opposed the supporters of the Long Parliament (todays democrats) upon which the King had declared war.

In America, we have no 'divine right of kings' but we do have the 'divine right of wealth.' (or the "Cavalier" elite)

So America's first Civil War was actually between those favoring a representative government - free of crown, aristocracy, and church - v. those who supported the king, the nobles, and the Anglican Church. It is incorrectly called "the revolutionary war" of the Colonial States in conversations today. Those who favored the crown became Canadians!

And, far from Anglicans, many of our founding fathers were NOT even Christians!
I am not goring the sacred cow!

Our second president was NOT a Christian.

AT least one president was an atheist. I suspect there were more than a mere handful when you include Lincoln, Jefferson, and others who have been recently researched through their letters.

But the truth never mattered to right wingnut politicians.

Anyway, delusional thinking is a minor issue where delusional belief structures are cast in concrete.

The elites in amerika use their God-given wealth to buy the very government that represents spit in the eye of those Christian principles they parrot - and the uneducated line up to swallow the hook!

The right wingnuts spitting at the left.

Remove the pale, frail, stale, and male (e.g. conservative older white men) from the voter numbers and LOOK at what is left (the young adults, women, minorities) and what did the presidential elections look like?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Love Stupidity!

Anyone with 1/2 a lick of sense knows that I happen to LOVE stupidity.

And the Discordians mastered the put-on where hoards of the stupid are considered.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy:
The Eye in the Pyramid,
The Golden Apple,
by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

has got to be the largest raw hook ever thrown out to the (stupid) fish.

The Western Bible is the second largest bare hook - and the later caught many, many more fish (no pun intended).

To Discordians, chaos is good.

Historically, early Discordians were insomniacs who met over coffee in a bowling alley in Guerneville.

Guerneville has been occupied by Scientologists,


and other cults

in the wake of the dispersio politica del credo Discordia.

You can read the Principia Discordia HERE

Direct link HERE.

And spit out the hook(s).

Of late, Guerneville has become a gay encampment - which is no surprise. It seems that the republican party is a cult of closeted gays who pray in public (instead of the closet) and then claim the high moral ground. I would say "shame on them" except there is not enough shame in the world for them...