Monday, July 25, 2016

Political Pariah

The problem with politics is not the division between the republicans and the democrats.

The problem with politics is the political pariah.

The Political Pariah do not understand that Vespasian was the first pope - created by Titis Flavius.

Modern day followers of the Vespasian Cult are called "Roman Catholics." (See: "A Healing Touch for Empire: Vespasian's Wonders in Domitianic Rome.") Vesta is the virgin which becomes Mary.

In the United States, the Tea Party is the quintessential pariah party.

google "Tea Party misspelled signs" for a few thousand examples.

These intellectually challenged individuals worship icons - like the Donald.

What these folks will not understand - because they can not understand - is the good old DNC floor fight.

Unlike the right wingnuts, the Dems understand a good old-fashion floor fight is good for the circulation of the blood!

Of course, the "church" would have none of it!

Even Calvinists had their control issues.

And so, it came to pass, the educated displayed their certificates (mine are packed away somewhere in the garage).

Well, many are mad as hell...

OOPS, wrong MAD.

What would the Donald say?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello DNC, we have a problem.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is silenced.

Sanders indicated that he would terminate Wasserman Schultz’s DNC chairmanship if he was elected president.

Schultz has been dropped from the lineup of speakers to “keep the peace” within the party, amid calls from Sanders’ campaign manager for someone at the DNC to be “held accountable” for the anti-Sanders collusion seen in the leaked emails.

One influential Democrat not concerned about escalating tensions between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. He dismissed a question about Sanders' "tenuous loyalty" to the party, saying, "I think we should just kind of lay off Bernie Sanders a little bit," and he called the Vermont senator a "good person."

Harry Reid is from Nevada. He knows the difference between cold reality and a lot of hot air.

Sanders gets prime-time speaking slot at Democratic National Convention

In the meantime, over on the right...

What did the RNC leader say before the 2016 election cycle?

So, on the republican side, only the profoundly insane ran. And he who was, by far, the most insane emerged victorious.

It's all good. Egos are on parade. Grab a chair... but not a chairwoman.


O.K. it's comparing Bernie (mellow wine) to Hillary (sour grapes). What would the Donald say?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hello, GOP, you have a problem.

What can I say? GOP or RIP?

The GOP started this election cycle with a real collection of cats and dogs.

There was a lot of Isaiah chapter 40 verses 3 talk.

But the fools rushed forward and nominated yet another village idiot.

And the standard bearers stumbled forward and dropped their standards.

And the low-life that was chosen had visions of adequacy.

And the leaders saw it was not ideal.

With cries of woe, the people ask for a savior.

Yet, when the Donald spoke, the women responded.

And down the ticket, there was a familiar smell.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Same old Same OLD

The spread between Clinton and Trump is the same as the spread between Obama and Romney that's popping up pretty consistently in polling now. We're finding a picture that's pretty similar to the last time around in 2012.

The down side is that TRADITIONAL republicans find their party is DEAD.

Nailing down a campaign blueprint for Donald Trump and other candidates, the Republican platform committee signed off Tuesday on language that echoes the candidate's criticisms of free trade, U.S. foreign policy and the immigration system.

Free-trade is one of just three legs on the milking stool in Norcross, Georgie - Newt country.

Donald Trump’s heresies from conservative orthodoxy are hostility to free trade, “a red flag.” Trump’s restrictive immigration policies would deprive the economy of a source of Home Depot day labor.

Even though Moore adores tax cuts, he said Trump’s $10 trillion plan to slash rates “wouldn’t work.”

Trump’s target audience has a legitimate beef. We haven’t taken care of those who have lost out in the globalization transaction. It is Trump’s solution that is problematic — the return of American manufacturing through the enactment of a host of carrots and sticks at the U.S. border.

I once placed Trump's odds of winning at 1-in-3.

I was being optimistic. Now the odds are less than 1-in-4.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A home run...

The wife of Donald Trump spoke at the republican convention, and her address was well-received as "a home run."

Stephen invites his friend Melania Trump to defend herself against charges that she stole parts of her RNC speech from Michelle Obama.