Thursday, September 26, 2013

The psychology of politics

"In psychology, an idiot has the least intelligence on the IQ scale; an imbecile is not quite as dumb as an idiot; a moron is then the highest level of intelligence among the mentally retarded, being now considered as 'mildly mentally retarded.' Specifically, those who have an IQ between 0 and 25 are idiots; IQs between 26 and 50 are considered imbeciles; and those who have an IQ between 51 and 70 are considered morons.

These terms were popular in psychology as associated with intelligence on an IQ test until around the 1960s. They were then replaced with the terms mild retardation (55-70), moderate retardation (40-55), severe retardation (25-40), and profound retardation (below 25). In addition to this, other factors besides IQ are now used in diagnosing these levels of mental deficiency."

Political affiliation comes to mind. Those who have an IQ between 0 and 25 are Fox News addicts; IQs between 26 and 50 are considered Tea Baggers; and those who have an IQ between 51 and 70 are just considered Republicans.

These two are NOT an opening hand at poker.

College bound High School students are above average. And the scoring of this elite group is found HERE.
Let's face it, the AVERAGE IQ in the USA is below the world average! (See #19)

Congressional IQs? Let's not go there!

RED states are usually below average!

The US Military uses Stanines or "Standard Nines" -- a forced ranking of 9 11% groupings. The bottom 11% are unfit, at any level, from serving the US Military Machine. The next 11% - in time of war - can stand guard outside a perimeter. They are the self-sacrificing monkeys of our genus (HOMO). The other new world monkey families are HERE.
This Mormon Cartoon adequately explains L.D.S.

And THIS BOOK collects some other folklore.

We might as well have some Xenu/Xemu Folklore.