Saturday, July 25, 2015


Let's face the facts in this simulation.

Motion is change.

Time is change.

Motion, in time, is change.

Even if we escape into a hermitage in the Sierra Foothills, there are times (pun) when we need something to do and something somewhere needs to be done. Or so we think. Otherwise, what is the POINT of this simulation?

Sweeping some of the dust off the patio comes to mind. One can never sweep ALL of the dust off of the patio so, despite our best efforts, dust - even a mote - remains. For jocks in the crowd, the score is dust = 1, humans = 0. Even to dust, we lack significance. This has nothing to do with the myth about removing the wooden beam (or the plank of a pirate) from your own eye before you criticize a sawdust speck in your brother's eye. Besides, my sibling is a sister of WHOM that folkloric collection is mute.

So it is with stilling the mind in Zazen. What is the mind? What is still? What is Zazen?

None of this matters - not in the least.

But sweeping some of the dust off of the patio matters - but only in the least.

It was, after all, the karma of the dust to land in this place.

Why mess with karma?

Because you CAN.

Wear your Samue when you mess with karma.

And loose the yamaka.