Tuesday, September 20, 2016

you're despicable, that's what you are

There are some folks in the world that are so 'unpleasant' that you just want to avoid them!

Thank whatever gods may be that you are NOT in the music business like Airplane, Credence Clearwater, or Back Street Boys.

Tonight, news hit that Lou Pearlman, creator of the Backstreet Boys... passed away in jail, serving a sentence for a massive ponzi scheme – one that had affected Back Street Boys directly. "And the truth is… that we don’t know how to feel." [why feel anything?]

In fact: Don't feel anything! When a Bill Graham or a Saul Zaentz or a Lou Pearlman dies, there is not a wet eye in the house. They are now what they always were - NOTHING.

These "promoters" primarily promote themselves. The TAKE the talents (and assets) of others and pay pennies on the dollar for them.

If they are SELLING IT, it's gold. If they are BUYING IT, it's crap and you are just lucky to be their over-worked, under-paid, 'rent-a-slave.'

I'm not selling a book or suggesting one.

I am saying that there are a LOT of very unpleasant people in the music business - regardless of those with talent. The least talented are blood-sucking vampires and, except for the late-night movie, deserve no more than an "oh well..." (the next day it snowed)

A dog can be loved but some folks just can't cut the mustard.