Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pair of Dimes Shift

A pair of dimes shift (or paradigm shift if ya' had some fetchin' up) is the realization that, when casting lots, the dice are loaded!

Now mind you, whatever gods may be have NOTHING to do with loading the dice. It's the golden rule: he who has the gold, makes the rules.

In "rags to riches" mythology, by working hard one can achieve success. In other words, even if you are born on Sleazy Street (down the way from the Baptist Church) or near the open sewer behind Heavenly Splender Trailer Park, you can - with hard work alone - make it up to Easy Street.

People talk about rags-to-riches folks like Stanford Graduates or the son of a Seattle Banker. Well, good luck! (See? Casting lots.)

Now DO NOT get me wrong. I am the son of a mom & pop corner grocery store and I made it all the way up to Queezy Street - where those who should forever remain walking learn to drive.

And while I am not quite walking distance from easy street, we can drive up there a couple of times a year and pretend - for the weekend - that we have enough money to buy a dinner in that neighborhood.

How long must I dream?

And, American HICs on parade (BBC).
(This was the "other" Elvis.)