Monday, September 17, 2018

Watsamatta U.

Dean Heller is in deep lizard sh*t in Nevada. Heller doesn't know the difference between gold dust and lizard sh*t and LET ME TELL YOU there IS a big difference.

The Democratic Party has not actually become a band of radical leftists.

Conventional wisdom says that the middle is disappearing from American politics; Republicans have moved right, Democrats moved left.

Well, wrong!

You keep hearing this story partly because Republicans have an obvious interest in promoting it.

The facts don’t support the story in this case.

For starters, consider this year’s primaries, which finished last week. A grand total of two Democratic incumbents in the House lost a primary. Zero Democratic incumbent Senate candidates did.

In conservative states with moderate Democratic senators — like Indiana, North Dakota, and West Virginia — not one moderates even faced a serious primary challenge.

Trump PAYS people to attend his rallies.

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