Saturday, June 15, 2013

So God exists but what is existence?

Brad's new book is out and my sister, who was visiting for a few days, read it. She reads very quickly but she thought this book needed to be read twice so she packed it up and took it up to Reno! She rates it 5 stars (out of 5).

So far (I am a slow reader), I get that Brad ponders the same questions as Herman Melville and a lot of other folks. I ponder the same questions from a different perspective. The physical world clicks on and off like light through a shutter in an old-fashioned movie projector (you know, before electronic cinema). Physicists call it "quantum" meaning there are increments but no half-increments or fractional increments.

When we 'click off,' we are nothing and yet when we click back on, we are almost the same - just a little older. There is no past - it is gone forever. There is no future (it has yet to click on). There is just THIS.

And then there is the TRINITY. I don't mean the father, son, ghost bundle. I mean the time, space, mass trinity. Energy and mass are one and the same thing - like ice and water. Time exists only in the context of space and space exists only in the context of time. The longer (in time) we have been away from the recent big bang, the farther away we are from the origin. So time and space are two manifestations of the same thing - gravity. So, as they say, you have the strong force and the weak force - and (perhaps) nothing else!

But that is NOT what Brad writes about. He is talking about that 'other' thing. That gate keeper not born of a woman who is outside of mass and energy, space and time. Illogical. Me, not Brad.

So, I have NOT talked about the contents of Brad's book. You have to read it for yourself. It's very very close to 5 stars IMO.

I remain seriously retired.