Friday, June 13, 2014

Is it Tea Time?

It's a NICE cartoon...

The so-called Tea Party is apparently fed up with the republicans selling out to big corporations and have a victory on their hands.

Cantor was no Reagan. We handed Reagan a petition requesting his* (Reagan's) impeachment at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds up at Chico State back in 1969. He trashed California's educational system before moving on to trash even bigger things (like your future).

The Reagan Years can be summed up in two terms:
increased deficit spending
business failures

But what would you expect? Reagan was a sell-out to Corporate America - GE. During the Reagan presidency, GE exported tens-of-thousands of jobs to China!

The Tea Party Motto: "Fool me 100 times, shame on you. Fool me 200 times and I just might start to wake up!"

The Tea Party is waking up, methinks...

*The lower case "h" in his indicates that Reagan was no god.

But some right wingnuts are delusional or outright insane.