Sunday, November 27, 2011


A few people have questioned me about how the Teachings of the Buddha could be transliterated into the Gospels. An example of butchered (pardon the pun) 'rich in sheep' becoming 'welcome' is given in Chadwick:
Any number of things - neck of a turtle ---> yoke of an oxen - were transliterated by the Greeks (Gospel of Matthew) from the wrinings of the Buddhists of Bactria to be thereafter harmonized into gospels of Byzantium (325 CE). One easy place to look is jesus is buddha. Yes, there's Spinsky.

Scholars noticed these 'cultural borrowings' in christianity well before 1875 when publications on the subject began to appear. Why, after 135 years, is this information not widely circulated? With the advent of the internet, there is are trickles that may become streams. What, therefore, are internet surfers, at long last, starting to clearly see?

1) That the Moses myth is based on Akhenaten. [a PDF]
2) That myth of Jesus is based on the Buddha. (c. 1882)
3) That myths are the rule rather than the exception.

Is this a wake up call that the many sleeping will answer?


The slumber of their sleep is beyond hypnotic, it is a crystallized belief.