Thursday, October 8, 2015

America's best kept secret:

California is "the welfare state."

Everybody knows it.

It is often repeated.

Except, it isn't true!

When you parse out the actual money spent on welfare - that is money from TAXATION that lands in the hands of the poor - it is a fraction of a penny! [a PDF]

Counties like to shift the cost of the Public Defender's Office (Staff and Lawyers) into the public assistance pot. And, as a line item, it makes accounting sense. Add Social Workers (public assistance) and medical costs and you start to see a clearer picture.

The real issue here is FOGGING. When hate-talk radio has YOU focused of welfare, which rabbit are they stuffing in their hat? Your retirement savings (with fees, churning, and penalties?), or your thinking skills (by playing to your fears and emotions)? $20 BILLION was once going to build 7 ships at $3.5 Billion per hull. At $7 billion (called on-budget and on-tome) THIS is what you get. (Temporary food and shelter for 158 people.)

The bottom line is this:

What is the difference between that college drop-out Rush and the Hindenburg?

One is a horribly over-inflated inflammatory gas bag and the other one is a balloon.

Happier people just don't listen to hate talk radio or watch FAUX Snews. They go for walks, read books, value their own skills, and do thing for the benefit of others.

"Rush Limbaugh and his rating-related woes are a source of amusement for those who can’t stand the hate monger. It’s hard NOT to be amused watching the downward spiral of a loudmouth whose primary claim to fame is divisiveness and ignorance.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tea Party opposes housing for homeless veterans - and everybody else

"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."

The measure passed.

We are tired of Tea Party "Patriots" who pretend to represent veterans everywhere. The Tea Party stands against everything we've fought to preserve!

So, when the hawks tout tea party, point them HERE.

I am not in favor of wars, violence, or lop-sided military spending.

Nor am I in favor of hypocrisy, two-faces liars, and/or emotional manipulation of weak-minded voters.

I am in favor of candid, honest, and open government which is REASONABLE and not driven by fear.

Herbalist reinvents himself in hate-talk.

Savage? You mean Dr. Weiner? Dr. Weiner is NOT like his kid - you know - the rock star.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Share the Blessing

The so-called "flooding in South Carolina" was actually shared by 7 eastern states.

And, they were lucky! Hurricane Joaquin did not touch any of them!

So, it was a once in 500 year flood. It could have been worse. It is still early in the hurricane season, wait and see.

Or wait and sea.

2015 is a season of six to eleven named storms, including three to six hurricanes, only two of which is predicted to attain major hurricane status.

"Prediction is always difficult. Especially where the future is concerned."

In biblical fashion, " always avoid prophesying beforehand because it is much better to prophesy after the event."

In the meantime, deny global warming. Deny rising ocean levels. And ignore the coffins as they float by.

Don't bury, cremate!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Wisdom and Nature

In almost all folklore (even Buddhist), there is that which is manifested and that which is hidden. The hidden part is properly called occult (e.g. Solar occultation of Venus) or 'the mystery.'

Before NATURE, there was WISDOM.

In the Egyptian mysteries, this translates out to before Isis, there was Hathor.

In the folklore of the later Levant, In the Beginning...

But, let us back off to the simulation.

Before you actually RUN the simulation, you need to have the sequenced code (the logically written program).

And, in true statistical fashion, there need not be a code writer. Random circumstance is enough (e.g. one of the infinite possibilities is that a collapsing carbon star - in its diamond core - creates a computer in which the simulation code is indigenous.) An illogically written program would simply crash and there would be no simulation. Billions of illogically written programs could be running and crashing all the time and we would neither know this - or care - unless the crashing program interacted with this simulation - which is highly unlikely. A coincidentally logically written program could run and make this simulation - this completely arbitrary dream.

So, for the HERE and NOW, does it even matter if there is a code writer? No, unless it's a movie script.

The genetic code is very simple.

Will any of this lead to a better clock?

I don't know, wait and see.

Let's use the clock we have, and run the simulation.

A sleeping god's divine dream IS the universe in some traditions.

Or not. Even if you DO wait, you may NEVER see! Either way, it just doesn't matter.