Saturday, July 2, 2016

Anchors Away

Well, it's Tabloid Character (clown) Trump - what do you expect!

When it comes to political circus, it just doesn't get better than THIS!

I am not going to say that Trump is a pathological liar.

He might be shameless or compulsive - but so what? We are only talking about electing a president, not electing a president!

There is some good news behind all this Snews.

The die-hards will tell you: "Figures lie and liars figure." RIGHT. And the next day it snowed.

Trump has started a trade war - with the very people that would, in different times, finance his campaign. Trump - politically speaking - is flat broke!

And, since he has no money to buy TV ads, he's not seen on TV, excepy on FAUX Snews.

So, the numbers are not lookin' good for the Donald.

Like Romney, and McCain before him, the GOP Ship is headed for the bottom - again! This time, Trump is their anchor baby!