Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pestie Ruskie

Trump can't shake that peskie Ruski thing.

He had the agent of a foreign government as a campaign chairman. FACT.

His campaign chairman agent of a foreign government was engaged in propaganda. FACT.

Trump is no commie, but he is an oligarch wanna-be.

This has been very obvious to a lot of people for a long time. FACT.

Trump balmes the media for the problems he created himself. FACT.

Trump leaks to Russia "consciously or unconsciously." FACT.

Putin is comfortable with the way things are in the Trump administration. FACT.

The rumor of Russia HooherGate is... (not a fact?)

Spicer and what's-his name are playing games...

Trump IS a new look in town. FACT.

Trump is so dumb that he doesn't know one wall from another one. FACT.

Trun-about is fair play. FACT.

Trump is worshipped by his cult following. FACT.

At best, Trump is an economic vampire. FACT.

Now just live with it.