Monday, December 31, 2018

The Rumor Monger

Bible verses about rumors: Rumors are very dangerous and they travel extremely fast. Christians are to have nothing to do with them.

Proverbs 26 Without gossip, arguments stop. Troublemakers keep arguments alive.

Exodus 23:1 “You must not pass along false rumors.

Proverbs 11 Whoever derides their neighbor has no sense, but the one who has understanding holds their tongue.

Compensating for low self-esteem

Classically, a person with low self-esteem:
• Is extremely critical of others
• Is hyper-sensitive to criticism
• Downplays or ignores the positive qualities of others
• Judges others as inferior to them and their peers (e.g. incels)
• Uses negative words to shame others such as stupid, fat, or ugly
• Has negative, critical, and blaming games in play at a moments notice
• Assumes that their achievements are “self-made” and never credits others for helping or teaching them
• Blames someone else when things go wrong instead of taking responsibility over their own actions
• Doesn’t like a person who avoids praising them
• Turns on people who distance themselves from them
• Uses derogatory labels for perceived adversarial laws (death tax), institutions, and people

That is WHAT makes Trump such a low-life!

Happy New Year... and tomorrow...

If you do not know who Ikkyu was, you might google him.

Ikkyu for children (and the trump family).

Scalp Trump!

Make no mistake, I am not advocating violence - a simple gust of wind will do it.

And Trump is facing "the perfect storm."

Trump has no sympathy for those kids that died in ICE custody because he has never fathered any children of his own.

First, no woman in her right mind would ever sleep with the donald.

Black hair in a family of BLONDS?

And a "daughter that is both good looking AND intelligent? (Give me a break!)

And a kid whose first words were: “Klaatu barada nikto.”

We have a good idea who contributed the eggs but "Donald Trump" and "virility" do not coexist in any medical or scientific journal.

Of, and what's her name announced...

Eric is NOT the dumbest Trump. That distinction goes to the donald.

Trump is a stand-up comics best "writing on the wall in the toilet stall."

The wind will do it!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Trump hiding

Trump hid from public view as his partial government shutdown passed the one-week mark, tossing toothless threats on Twitter.

Since arriving back at the White House early from his trip to Iraq, Trump has held no public events, offered few details about his schedule, and made few phone calls. (He is playing the "Let's you and him fight" game.)

In the evening, Trump left the White House for a short ride to Vice President Pence’s residence to join him and Jared Kushner for a private dinner.

At a time when most of Congress has left town for the holidays, Trump has emphasized his decision to cancel a planned vacation at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and remain in Washington.

But he is not using this time to engage in negotiations over the budget. Instead, he has filled the silence with a rash of tweets that have blamed Democrats for the shutdown and cast illegal immigration as a threat to the country.

The president’s low profile coincides with Republicans and Democrats digging in for a fight. Trump’s is in touch with GOP leaders, but they said the only talks Friday were between rank-and-file members of the two parties.

Congressional leaders have remained diplomatically silent.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Tele-Tubby stages deflection...

The trumpster in the dumpster made his first visit to U.S. troops in a combat zone amid his government shutdown and just days after his Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned.

Iraq is the one place where Trump has not promised a rapid withdrawal.

Plans to exit Syria and Afghanistan have infuriated allies.

••• “The coward-in-chief was shamed into visiting the troops on the battlefield.”

••• “Long overdue, let’s hope he did more than talk about himself.”

••• “ Just a distraction from his ridiculous shutdown and his bad bone spur news.”

Trump doubles down on insistence Democrats must approve wall funding to end shutdown

••• “He’s cornered and trying to win some favorable publicity. I have no respect for individuals who utilize patriotism in exchange for publicity to further their personal status.”

••• “Now he can say he’s visited a war zone. He had to be shamed into it, but he’s finally done it. Ah, the joys of narcissism.”

••• “Grandstanding to distract from the mess this country is in... the federal employees not being paid because of whining over an unnecessary wall...Using our troops this way is despicable!”

••• “There is a first time for everything for this empty suit. I hope the troops were happy.”

••• “DJT is doing a photo opt! He’s so Desperate that he finally broke down and did what he should have done a long time ago.”

••• “Did it to try and boost his polls, else he would have long ago. He cares for no one but himself”

••• “Everything this man does is empty and despicable. Even visiting the troops is just a sad publicity stunt when he does it. Our troops deserve better. We all do.”

••• “He must be getting desperate to finally get around to using the troops as props.”

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Trump’s “lump of coal” Christmas gift for investors

U.S. stocks tanked again after their worst trading week in a decade. This drop came after "Not my President" Trump criticized the Federal Reserve on Twitter and Steve Mnuchin caused deeper concern.

This was Trump’s “lump of coal” Christmas gift for investors, shareholders, retirees, and mutual fund managers. Yesterday was the worst trading day ever - on a Christmas Eve. And it followed on the heels of markets finishing their worst trading week since the 2007 George W. Bush financial flop.

And Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin issued a puzzling statement, saying he'd spoken with the heads of the biggest U.S. banks to reiterate the strength of the financial system and to confirm their reserves of cash.

It would be quite normal for the treasury secretary to talk to the heads of big banks. This happens all the time. But the Treasury put out a press release on a weekend, before a holiday, assuring market participants that nothing was happening, which is not something that anybody had previously worried about.

And it's a weird statement. It like, unnerved a lot of market participants. Does Secretary Mnuchin see something that we can't see; is there something hidden?

We do have problems in a number of quasi-financial markets. The leverage loan market, for instance, is having some issues, where financiers are losing money as interest rates rise.

Is the president simply trying to find someone to blame for this stock market slide?

• Annie Lowrey of "The Atlantic.":
"The president... sees a rising market as being a sign of his success. He points to a rising market as being a good indicator of economic health, which it really isn't. [Now] he's looking for somebody [else] to blame now that the market is going down.
It's really important to note that the Federal Reserve is not responsible for the market going up. It doesn't see the market going up as being its responsibility. It is responsible for two things: 1) price stability and 2) unemployment."

No way to spin it when it is spinning out of control.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Xmas eve and... little woodie gonna' shut you down

Oh, it the "old golfer wisdom" ploy... third time he pulled that one on us this month.

Trump's golfer wisdom -- or the complete and utter lack thereof -- is illustrated above. Fair and Balanced. You decide.

Yes, Virginia, the wall will be built.

New US Anthem: "Sometimes I feel like a rudderless ship."

Where was Mr. Flip before he FLOPPED?

What would "Mr. Smith" say when he goes to Washington?

What are congressional republicans saying behind Trump's back?

I peeked into investors Xmas gift from Trump.

Is's old news. Move along, move along.

a paranoid isolate

Donald Trump, now a paranoid isolate, feels like it’s him against the world.

He has fewer people at his side who he trusts and far fewer people at his side in general.

Trump is increasingly isolated and paranoid as he keeps bleeding away his advisers, staff, and cabinet secretaries.

Jim Mattis, the defense secretary, is the fourth member of President Trump’s cabinet to resign or be forced out in less than two months (and the third in less than two weeks).

Veteran advisers who once tried to contain Trump’s worst instincts have resigned or been fired.

As a result, Trump is retreating to watching more FAUX television than ever before.

Trump’s “presidential” day now starts at “roughly 11 many mornings” when he is not playing golf.

Trump leaves FAUX Snews on in the West Wing so he can constantly keep track of what is being said about him.

Trump has been telling his few remaining associates that he feels “totally and completely abandoned.” (Blames the victims of his firings, those who gave up on him, or those foolish enough to ever try to work for him)

And that feeling now extends to his family.

The jealous man-who-would-be-president is getting increasingly paranoid that those around him have ulterior motives. (They should only be motivated by their desire to praise Trump) That even extends to his son-in-law, who recently received more praise than Elizabeth Trump’s grandson for helping to pass the criminal justice bill.

All praise unto Trump! On your knees, hapless fools!

If dynomite was snot, the Trump's together would not have enough to blow ONE nose, let alone the lot.

Some folks have "Georgia on [their] mind." Not the trumpster in the dumpster.

If there is one obvious thing that Trump is NOT filling, it isthe White House!