Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shiitake revisited

Lentinan, a polysaccharide extracted from shiitake, may help extend the survival of patients with some cancers... [too much mushroom can bring on Eosinophilia]

Eosinophilia occurs when too many eosinophils are recruited to a specific site in your body. This can be caused by a variety of conditions including:
•Parasitic and fungal diseases
•Allergies (e.g. rash, bowel irritation)
•Adrenal conditions
•Skin disorders (solar dermatitis, eczema dermatitis)
•Autoimmune diseases (inflamed arthritis)

I, for one, will NOT claim mushrooms cure cancer. I will say that I attribute a lower PSA to the effects of adding a teaspoon of Powdered Shiitake Mushrooms to a bowl of Cream of Mushroom soup every day of the week for a month. BTW, there is no Dairy MILK in that Cream of Mushroom soup. Soy milk - use soy milk (get it?).

I should mention: "Some U.S. dairy farms inject the genetically engineered hormone rBGH, also called rBST, into their cows to boost milk production..."

rBGH and Cancer

Monsanto created rBGH to stimulate milk production in cows... A 2013 study evaluated the relation of IFG and prostate cancer.

Like most other large corporations Monsanto has a lobbying interest in the federal government. According to Monsanto ranks 76 out of 4,368 organizations in money spent lobbying, shelling out over $5.9 million in 2012. Their control in government isn’t subtle...

My mom's family farmed the Palouse for generations and they are gentle folks.

It's called "push-back" rather than protest or the extreme - revolution. Monsanto IS the revolution in GMO Agriculture.

Ethical farmers use "push back."

the Center for Responsive Politics says...

Republicans are the best government MONEY CAN BUY.

The situation has become so absurd that super PACs have more money and more influence over campaigns than the candidates themselves.

There is push-back to the pushback.

DuPont Co., the world’s second-biggest (GMO) seed company, is sending dozens of former police officers across North America to prevent a practice generations of farmers once took for granted.

Friday, March 4, 2016

No ticket?

No laundry...

Except the problem is that the GOP has no laundry ticket because they collect their 'dirty laundry' and try to hide it!

The GOP is hampered by three things: 1) Stupidity [ya' cant fix STUPID]; Inability [don't got no sense - common or otherwise]; and 3) insecurity [call it FEAR].

The men in the GOP don't want you to know they are wearing night gowns!

So, the GOP Establishment rolls out their BEST.

And, true to GOP wisdom - or the utter lack thereof - it is a fail-safe strategy!

The Super PAC washing machine was working well.

With a media blitz - among the elite - they $uck in ten$ of million$.

JEB makes speeches in front of antiquated kindergarten curtains.

Nobody asked: "right to rise and WHAT?

Shine - for 5 ¢

And don't feel that you are "entitled" to a penny tip!

The prospect of a Bush-branded Candidate moves along...

Big Brother comes out of the bathtub to give speeches...

And the whole idea is a FLOP!

What did they expect? Success? The GOP and success are mutually exclusive terms.

JEB is embarrassed... while Lindsey Graham comes up short...

And the GOP panics!


The GOP is hampered by three things: 1) Stupidity [ya' cant fix STUPID]; Inability [don't got no sense - common or otherwise]; and 3) insecurity [call it FEAR].

What does the GOP do? What can the GOP do? What has the GOP done in the past?

They go NEGATIVE. [Stupid!]

First, GOP-bots, clean your OWN laundry. Second, GOP-bots, overcome HYPOCRACY!

Christians, my ass!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Erbs on Man - he - knew - her (Man_knew_her)


If you've never heard of Terence McKenna, too bad. One of his long standing theories about the nature of conscious evolution involves SHROOMS.

The Evolution of Human Consciousness, in a theory advanced by Terence McKenna, was fueled by Magic Mushrooms.

But my point is simple, more mundane.

the 3 mushrooms pictured above might hold a key to backing off the cancer that is trying to eat me alive.

I will NOT go so far as; "Mushrooms are being hailed as a miracle cure for cancer."

The idea is discredited HERE

Some medicinal mushrooms with anti-cancer potential are shown HERE

THIS ARTICLE is Antiinflammatory

So called ‘immunomodulators’ (biological response modifier, immunopotentiators and immunostimulants) are the most important medicinal mushroom drugs used especially in Japan, China, Korea and other East Asian countries today.

– Big Pharma develops new medicines, which it then patents
Reishi is a wild plant and, therefore, can’t be patented

For American mycologist Paul Stamets the beehive-shaped mushroom called an Agarikon represents the future of treating diseases such as tuberculosis, cowpox, bird and swine flu.

But there is also one mushroom that prevents your child from becoming a Republican.

The "Jesus Mushroom"

also, see THIS (if you have 2 hours)