Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zen Practice is Zazen

"Studying Zen (sanzen) is zazen. For zazen, one should have a
quiet place. Spread a thick sitting mat. Do not let in drafts or
vapors; do not admit rain or dew. You should secure and maintain
the spot where you place yourself. There are traces from the past
of those who sat on a vajra [seat] or sat on a rock; they all spread a
thick layer of grass to sit on. The place where you sit should be
bright; it should not be dark either day or night. The technique is
to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

Cast aside all involvements and discontinue the myriad affairs.
Good is not thought of; evil is not thought of. It is not mind,
intellect or consciousness; it is not thoughts, ideas or perceptions.
Do not figure to make a buddha; slough off sitting or reclining.
You should be moderate in food and drink. Hold dear the passing
days and nights, and take to zazen as though brushing a fire from
your head." source

academic source