Friday, April 6, 2018

the donald's political view

Trump is not a fascist in the exact sense Mussolini was; he is not a control freak micromanaging the expense accounts of his cabinet. Trump is a sloppy fascist.

He was going to build a wall against the Mexican hordes. Now, he says, the wall will come “later.”

Now the coward is sending troops to the border with Mexico (Is little donnie starting a war on the southern front?). Just because his golf course went belly up, he might be blaming Latinos!

Trump is not a fascist in the sense of Geert Wilders of the Netherlands a politician who tries to convince the practical Dutch that it’s common sense to hate Muslims. Or is he?

Yes, Trump likes to appear angry at something or someone, but he is becoming a thread-bare master at manipulating instability.

So, Trump is a very nasty individual but, in a directed way, a fascistic personality type in charge of what is becoming a fascistic white house apparatus.

In Fascist structures historically, the Leader demands absolute, slavish loyalty from those below, bureaucrats obeying orders precisely and IN THIS, Trump is persistent.

But, it's a one way street. Trump fires underlings faster than a dog sheds his winter coat in springtime.

But he won! (as if that's even the point) [Besides, in English, the pronoun refers to the last noun - e.g. the dog]

Remember, even a dog has an assh*le, the voters of the US might as well have one too!

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