Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Here today, gonyeb tomorrow.

Mueller’s investigation is examining ties between Trump associates and Russian officials. Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly notified the White House that his team will interview six current and former aides to Donald Trump as part of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

According to a report in the Washington Post on Friday, former press secretary Sean Spicer, former chief of staff Reince Priebus and

communications director Hope Hicks are among the aides Mueller is interested in interviewing.

Trump’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey (over Russia) and prolonged inaction after warnings that Michael Flynn, then national security adviser, had lied about meetings with the Russian ambassador to the US has cast serious doubt on Trump’s honesty.

The justice department inquiry is investigating a myriad of ties between Trump associates and Russian officials.

The Russia investigation has dogged Trump’s presidency and continues to flare on multiple fronts. As well as the justice department, several House and Senate committees are examining ties between Trump associates and Russians.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Got a Clue? Get a clue!

There are some (not me) who believe Trump has a clue.

"When Trump said 'They'll let you do anything. Grab em by the pussy' liberals have a hard time understanding women are sexually attracted to millionaire playboy philanthropists* as opposed to themselves because they're such 'Good guys' so the consent bit of 'let you do' goes over their heads." [*Dreams of minimal adequacy - live on oh cultie of dumpster trumpism!]

Apparently even Irma avoided Trump.

Katy Tur’s book is out today. Tur spent 500-plus days covering Donald Trump on the campaign trail. She was singled out by Trump at rallies. He gave her an unwelcome kiss before a segment of “Morning Joe.” He performed at campaign rallies as Tur looked on. And he gave one of the primary campaign’s more memorable, cruel and condescending interviews to Tur.

Writing Unbelievable, Tur says, was the hardest thing she’s ever done, quite a feat given the experiences recorded in its pages: It’s a behind-the-scenes account of the nearly two grueling years Tur spent on the campaign trail with Donald Trump, as the first national television news reporter assigned to cover him. “It’s a truth of beat reporting: The bigger your subject gets, the bigger you get.” When she signed on to cover Trump, it was on a lark, and Tur, a political novice who’d been working in London as a foreign correspondent, was as long a shot as her candidate. By the end, Trump was the very unlikely leader of the free world, and Tur, having survived the ultimate trial by fire, was a rising star, famous both for her dogged reporting (she won a Walter Cronkite Award in March) and for being a particular thorn in Trump’s side, among his favorite targets in his bitter crusade against the “crooked” mainstream media.

“I think the role of the press is to be critical and not to accept everything at face value,” Tur told Salon’s Amanda Marcotte during a live “Salon Talks” interview today. “And that’s why politicians don’t like the press. It’s not like all politicians love reporters. They all probably hate us, or at least can’t stand us some of the time. Presidential candidates have always gone after the media. But he did it in a much more personal and direct way that put people’s lives in danger.”

Denial is a thing. Denial of global warming. Denial of the obvious.

A ton of interviews here.

Trump was faking adequacy.

Trump. Sad. Stupid. Retarded. Sad.

RUSSIAGATE continues.

Delusional! Der Ober Fuhrer wants republican OBEDIENCE!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Trump, a con man?

“Con artists are motivated by a desire to be the center of attention and the power that gives them the ability to manipulate others.” (Maria Konnikova, author of "The Confidence Game)

"[They're] addicted to power, get a rush out of being able to pull one over on people and get away with it."

Along the way, they'll deceive people in order to get attention.

The Pulitzer-prize winning fact-checking organization Politifact awarded Trump's statements the 2015 "Liar of the Year" award.

But being a con artist isn't just about deception — it's about intent.

After all, many politicians deceive people. They're not all practitioners of the confidence game; many think what they are saying is worth the stretch of truth to accomplish their political goals.

"Trump is a con artist who is interested in politics only as a means to some other end.”

"He sees opinions as convenient tools for gaining what he actually desires."

Power and being at the center of attention would fit as a con artist's goal.

"Trump, as a con artist, would give up on politics the moment it stopped serving his purposes.”

Con artists are experts at telling their audience what they want to hear.

"Trump's promises are deliberately vague. He meets demands for specifics with another tool from the con artist's arsenal: emotion."

"Appeal to [people] on the emotional level lets you no avoid coherent arguments."

Trump "really knows what he's doing playing the media; it's certainly his greatest con technique."

He's willing to say anything in order to stay at the center of attention.

The appeals to emotion instead of fact and the desire to be at the center of attention certainly fit the bill of a con artist.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Slapped by "Global Warming."

But he won, right?

"What caught our eye was an Instagram post by Sotheby’s International Realty, advertising new photos of Chateau Des Palmiers, dated April 21st, 2017. The property has shown up in YouTube videos throughout the years, as one of Mr. Trump’s most valued mansions."

Trump bought the home, dubbed Le Château des Palmiers, back in 2013. It sits on a five-acre property, which includes a main house, a guest house and an eight-foot-tall gate around it all. According to reports, Trump generally uses this home as a vacation rental...

Trump dropped the asking price by $11,100,000 from $28 million. Château des Palmiers -- Terres Basses, Cities -- In Saint Martin. $16,900,000

Irma, packing 185 mph winds, pounded multiple Caribbean islands on Wednesday, causing massive damage, including on Saint Martin, where Trump has multi-million dollar home known as Le Château des Palmiers, or Castle of the Palms.

The status of Trump’s 11-bedroom gated compound on the French Caribbean island of St. Martin is not yet known, but the territory suffered serious damage from Hurricane Irma early Wednesday.

Three Trump properties in Florida close for Hurricane Irma

But he's president and I am not (and I am happier).

But he has (or had) an 11-bedroom gated compound on the French Caribbean island of St. Martin and I never did (and I am MUCH happier).