Thursday, March 12, 2015

Buy Silver, Sell God.

People are often EMOTIONALLY involved with religion so REASONING with them is completely off the table.

5 years ago, in a Comparative Religions class (Calif. Secondary School) I said: "There is but one god - Aten - and Akhenaten is his prophet."

Of course, that was a setup for: "There is but one god - Allah - and Muhammad is his prophet" mentioned later in the course (and about 1500 years later in history).

BTW, do not confuse the issue: Akhenaten influenced the Levant and not the other way about. Some say Akhenaten and Moses were one and the same man!

God was added to American coinage during the Civil War.

"God" was "a device" that was useful in keeping the union from falling apart.

Then, by 1956, SILVER no longer backed paper money. If you can't trust paper currency that is backed by SILVER, then what do you "sell' to the populace as backing paper? GOD is the emotional answer.

HERE is an 1866 50¢ coin without the MOTTO.

and here is a worthless $100 bill - backed by God!

You have been sold a bill - with no goods behind it!


Later, the SILVER was removed from coins! All that remains is an illusion!