Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pork Lips Now!

Once upon a time, towns had a "downtown."

It was occupied with "mom and pop" stores that were (more often than not) owned and operated by a single family.

My mom and dad ran a general store in a resort town. "Low Prices are Born Here and Raised Elsewhere."

Then a mall opened - with Safeway being the Anchor. Dad retired.

Mom worked for a couple more years, closed the general store, and retired. That was 50 years ago.

I went to college. I graduated in 4 years (not having the means to take the six-year plan). I got a Standard Secondary Teaching Credential (my grad year being financed by a scholarship).

That was then, this is now.

As up to 1/3 of the malls in America will close in the next 10 years, it's simply time for people to "skill-up."

Students are flocking into programs to “skill up” in pursuit of lucrative jobs. Community Colleges Are New Gateways to Hot Cyber-Space Jobs...

Oh, them Dems. Better KILL that program so the rich (0.1%) can get a tax cut.

The WalMart career people can't see it.

Walmart announced Friday that is closing 269 stores worldwide as it sharpens its focus on its e-commerce business.

Face it. The people who voted for Trump are simply too dumb to employ! (pun - simply + dumb)

Trump’s Housing Cuts Spare the One Program He Profits From

President Trump’s budget calls for sharply reducing funding for programs that shelter the poor and combat homelessness — with a notable exception: It leaves intact a type of federal housing subsidy that is paid directly to private landlords.

One of those landlords is Trump himself, who earns millions of dollars each year as a part-owner of Starrett City, the nation’s largest subsidized housing complex. Daddy left it to him - and his siblings - in the Last Will and Testament.

Trump also owns large chunks of "commercial space."

And THAT could lead to larger drops in his income.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

This "Russian Thing."

Remember James Comey?

Apparently he was fired over this "Russian Thing."

But what, you might ask, is this "Russian Thing?"

Well the trumpster in the dumpster recently turned 71 (had his 71st birthday) and Comey gave him a gift.

Now fer "Patriots" (e.g. the unwashed stupid that can't get no respect nohow unless they wrap themselves in the flag and drive big trucks) the trumpster in the dumpster has ties to Russia. And this is not a recent turn of events.

And the trumpster in the dumpster has delusions of likability. He absolutely worships himself - and no other. His cult following absolutely worships him - and none other. In short, thay are a cluster f*ck of bleeding assholes. (And I am being unusually kind to them today).

This whole the trumpster in the dumpster administration is a "B" movie in which the trumpster in the dumpster (despite the absolute lack of any talent whatsoever) has displaced the other fat man.

And Putin has replaced Peter Lorre (but remains less sinister).

The script for this ongoing fiasco is coming out in paperback form in a few months (call it the congressional record).

Those of us who CAN read - and DO read - are well aware of the mole in the rose garden.

As a result of this revelation, a revised edition of an old book is going into print. Watch for it!

You won't find it on the magazine rack at WalMart (a.k.a displayed whacking material for the utterly clueless neo-cons, and skin-heads).

"Wankpuffin" is a term that trended on Twitter after composer Nick Harvey tweeted his shock that it was his mother's ISP username. The apparent melding of the British slang "wank," or masturbate, with "Puffin," a North Atlantic sea bird, the term was quickly adapted as a pejorative for wankers in general, most notably, Donald Trump.