Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The universe could be merely a hologram - nothing more

The universe could be merely a projected hologram.

The hologram could be a projection of mind.

The mind could be merely a projection of consciousness.

And consciousness could be merely a universe that is self-aware.

The top of the three COBE images is the background radiation - 3° Kelvin.

The center of the three COBE images shows the warped spin in the temperature of the universe - suggesting that the axis of spin folds back on itself (in a dimension that we can not observe).

The bottom of the three COBE images shows the granularity that suggests matter (e.g. concentrations of temperature).

But is COULD be illusionary.

"In the teachings of Buddha (e.g. Gautama Shakyamuni- as there are many many Buddhas) we have a concept, corresponding to that of maya in Hinduism. This is the called sanyatta which is sanskrit and translates as 'emptiness' in english. This concept describes how all the objects around us and all material things exist only as an appearances and behind that appearance is emptiness. That is, they don't really exist and therefore it is only consciousness that exists. So physical objects and the material world exist only as projections of our conscious state. Conscious states themselves being manifestations of the one God or in Buddhist parlance 'the Void'. This original meaning is sometimes misinterpreted by modern day Buddhists to mean that things are only empty of value. i.e. that the things we perceive as having value, lose their value for us if we can make ourselves see things differently. However, an ancient legend describes how when Buddha gave a sermon about sanyatta, many of the listeners suddenly had heart attacks. This story should not be taken literally. It was created to show that sanyatta is a shocking meta-physical assertion about the nature of reality not merely some statement about the relative value of things. This true interpretation of sanyatta or emptiness is kept alive today mainly in some of the Mahayana strands of Buddhism and also by Vajrayana Buddhist sects from Tibet. Also, the fact that Buddhism is derived from Hinduism supports the case that sanyatta and maya are interchangeable concepts. That is they both talk about the illusory nature of reality. "

So, not only are you all gods, you are all popes!

And that consciousness is singular.