Sunday, January 11, 2015

Je suis Charlie - 02

Something special was happening.

France is a land where politics happens on the street but this was something unheard of: a demonstration for the [secular] values of the French Republic and Western democracy.

The last time Paris had seen such a vast and varied crowd on its streets was on the night that France won the World Cup in 1998...

This was a shout of defiance.

“The whole of Paris seems to be here,” said Michel, 46, an estate agent. “I can’t describe the mood. There is a feeling of anger and determination but also relief at being able to express our feelings after three days of shock after shock. People will say it’s just a passing thing but I think something important is happening here today. France will not be the same after today.”

[Indeed, the world will not be the same]

The one book, symbolically depicted above, contains nothing. Thus, the book, by whatever name it happens to be called (and whatever the language in which that name is spoken), contains all of the words (in every language) that all of the gods have ever spoken to all of mankind throughout time.

Liberty is born of this realization. The realization is that of utter nothingness - and, perhaps the emptiness of nothingness.[1]

The one community is SECULAR (denoting attitudes and activities that have no religious or spiritual basis).

The one world contains equals where no rich and famous religious authority can claim to know anything more about god or gods than the illiterate homeless person living alone in a vast wilderness.

The Myth:

The Reality:

1. Westphal, Merold. Becoming a Self: A Reading of Kierkegaard's Concluding Unscientific Postscript. p. 264

Don't become overly concerned. It all ends, at last, in the grave.