Sunday, April 10, 2011

the CORRUPTION of Public Education

Sadly, the Fundies in Texas have too g*d damned much to say about what gets into textbooks for State-supported Public education.
In this case, the illustration carries a qualifier: " of the books of the Hebrew Bible." The implication here is that there are other - non-Hebrew - bibles. Obviously there are many bibles (books) which are not Hebrew.
In the second case, there is no qualifier. To make matters worse, this second citation comes from a Biographical Dictionary - as if Naomi were a real (v. mythological) person. There is no evidence outside of Hebrew Folklore that most of these Biblical characters were anything other than inventions, cultural borrowing, or renamed non-Hebrew historical characters. For examples, read The Bible Unearthed.

Texas Fundamentalists are deciding what to include in the content of California textbooks. California should write, edit, and publish their own textbooks.

For those of you who believe archeology supports the bible, HERE is a general statement that might help you out.

MORE lunacy.