Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Who's Putin us on?

Trump's vocabulary is limited. He uses few words. He KNOWS few words.

The TRAVEL BAN was an alt.right ploy. The drawing below commemorates the signing:

Who is Bannon?

What is it about Muslims in general, and Muslim women in particular, that upsets the ultra-right (NAZI) weaklings?

Bannon is the guy that distinguished (as in separated) the trumpster in the dumpster from the other 15 GOP IDIOTS.

As a result, he was appointed to a high office.

I know it may seem a little confusing, but no clear-minded voter would have sunk so low as to pick any one if the 16 above "squares."

So, Bannon is most obviously ONE puppeteer. Putin is apparently the other.

Oh, I know. Many right wingnuts say "there is nothing to see."

But, if you look closer, it is obvious that the trumpster in the dumpster has no ability, no vocabulary, and next to no friends!

He NEEDS Putin. Otherwise the real president is exposed!

"W" had his Carl Rove. The trumpster in the dumpster has his Bannon. Live with it (until after the impeachment).

Meanwhile, Putin is laughing at America (as he well should).

I think Putin is MUCH brighter than the trumpster in the dumpster, and he has a good sense of humor!

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