Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Ruskie's word for trump is IDIOTA!

IDIOTA, or idiot, is a wee bit extreme for me.

But piece of idiot is milder than piece of shit. So I'll go easy today.

Seems that I am far from first and far from alone regarding this idiot.

In fact, in terms of idiocy, the trumpster in the dumpster redefines idiot. A majority of voters in the U.S. are embarrassed to have Donald Trump as their president! I am NOT. America needs to be slapped on the ass with a wet mop to wake up. Trump is that wake-up call.

You know what "they" say: "Another day, another laugh at the IDIOTA trumpski.

Paint it on velvet and hang it out to dry (the wet mop trumpski).

I wonder if there is a peach on velvet.

Where thy master goeth, so goeth the disciple.

Therapy Daughter Ivanka Trump took the IDIOTA to see the wall and be anointed as yet another messiah.

Meanwhile, the trumpster in the dumpster has not changed his stench.

He is so into himself, he steps in it!

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