Thursday, May 25, 2017

RussiaGate Duo

The trumpster in the dumpster knows it's time to "lawyer up."

Let's review dumpster trumpster's scorecard at the end of the first inning. Some call it the bottom of the 1st and two out.

Others, including me see is bottom of the first with three outs.

Team trumpster still has a few more turns at bat so the fat lady isn't standing to sing.

Some might say that "the devil is in the details."

"Tenants allege Trump's son-in-law is a Baltimore "slumlord," and that's not even the worst of it."

He has to sit next to the ugly one until he capitulates!

Meanwhile, the play-by-play of what you might have missed up to this point.

A series of serious missteps have led to trouble on the home-front.

In Israel, the trumpster in the dumpster was just another fart in the synagogue. A synagogue is GREEK (Greek συναγωγή) and simply means 'assembly.'

The Hebrew word: בית כנסת‎‎ (bet kenesset) is a 'house of assembly.' The Hebrew word: בית תפילה (bet tefila) is "house of prayer." But you knew that already.

Meanwhile, back at the big RussiaGate Game.

The spin is making half the fans in the stands barf!

Oh, the Washington Post was CORRECT!

A free and open press might clear out the Team Trump bullpen!

Just as Trump did not win the popular vote, so too he did not again win the hand of what's her name!

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