Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The POPE and the Pimple

Most folks know that the current POPE is Francisco. As in San Francisco.

By the "pimple," I am referring to that festering boil on the face of democracy. The trumpster in the dumpster had not a clue what to do!

Fortinately, there was a grown-up in the room to "help him out." (And she was willing to subjugate herself to the Bishop of Rome.)

Francisco was able to roll out a full measure of compassion as the trumpster in the dumpster rolled in.

The trumpster was greeted by the butler and ushered into the Vatican. There was pomp to harmonize with the circumstance. There was no "truth or consequences" moment.

The trumpster in the dumpster was allowed a 30 minute audience with the Pontiff. An ordinary audience is 15 minutes but accommodation of a retard doubled the deal.

Then, there was a photo opportunity in which the faces told a story.

Next, there was a second photo opportunity in which the entire Trump Zoo appeared. WBZ is the Boston Westinghouse TV station that is the sister station to KPIX where I worked as a news editor back in 1975 - 76.

By the way, the painting on the wall -- a.k.a. "Jack-in-the-box Jesus" -- shows Jesus coming out of a box (not a cave tomb) and ascending back into a vagina from where he can be born again at a later date. This sets up "the second coming." The vagina is presumably the Virgin Mary (or celestial virgin) although the symbolism is far deeper and the fable much older than the "Reader's Digest" version I just repeated.

Main players are spelled out here:

And then it was time for Trump to just GO AWAY!

The problem of the sexes.

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