Saturday, June 30, 2018

Trump to go to Hel-sinki...

In a parable, three blind men encounter an elephant. Each man touches a different part of the elephant and receives very different impressions. Their descriptions of the elephant may disagree, but each individual is accurate and honest about the portion of the elephant they encountered: a tusk, a leg, an ear. Humans often have partial information and struggle to understand the observations of others who have different information – or misinformation – about the same situation, even though those observations are accurate in another person’s context.

So it is with Donald Trump.

To one person, he is “a moron.”

To another person, he is “an idiot.”

And to others, he is “a useful fool for Putin.” (or useful idiot)

However, to Trump's cult following – and it is a cult – Trump's word is the definitive truth sometimes based on “alternative facts.”

These people are fooled by the persona of Trump. Yes, Virginia, they are fools.

Like his father before him, dementia is rearing it's doting head.

So, the big question is: "While the president IS going to Helsinki to meet Putin, will Donald Trump be there?"

Think about it!

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