Friday, June 29, 2018

How them LIBERALS lie.

Them liberals say:

To determine the nation’s 100 poorest counties, we downloaded data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. This data covers five years ending in 2012, and includes more than 3,000 counties and county equivalents (such as Louisiana parishes). This data enabled us to rank-order these jurisdictions based on two commonly used measurements -- median income, and percentage of the population in poverty.

As for determining whether a state is "red" or "blue," we decided to define it by whether the state voted for President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in 2012. This means we counted North Carolina and Indiana as red states, since Obama lost them in 2012 after winning them in 2008.

So how did the data turn out?

We found that only 95 of the 100 poorest counties were located in red states. Here are the 10 poorest counties, all of them in red states:

1. Owsley County, Ky.
2. Jefferson County, Miss.
3. Wolfe County, Ky.
4. Brooks County, Texas
5. McCreary County, Ky.
6. Hudspeth County, Texas
7. Hancock County, Tenn.
8. Jackson County, Ky.
9. Clay County, Ky.
10. Holmes County, Miss.

For the percentage of residents living in poverty, we found that only 93 of the 100 poorest counties were in red states.

Here are the 10 with the largest poverty rates (e.g. the most folks livin' in poverty and them that must be prevented from voting and controlling their family size), all of them in red states:
1. Shannon County, S.D.
2. Clay County, Ga.
3. East Carroll Parish, La.
4. Sioux County, N.D.
5. Todd County, S.D.
6. Hudspeth County, Texas
7. Holmes County, Miss.
8. Corson County, S.D.
9. Wolfe County, Ky.
10. Humphreys County, Miss.

So there are some differences between the most recent Census data and what the meme said, but the differences are small.

Numerically, you can see how them liberals lie!

We need to outlaw family planning, destroy labor unions, deregulate industry, and put all of them little ones to work (for a few cents an hour - IF EVEN THAT) for the robber barons of our day!

What Reagan and Trump have in common is Alzheimer's!


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