Thursday, June 28, 2018

Prez. Forrest

The Prez. is like Forrest Gump - but a lot dumber.

We all know his Grandmother was the Matron of his family fortune.

Founding Elizabeth Trump & Son: Elizabeth had a "remarkable talent" for the real estate business. She hired a contractor to build houses on an empty piece of property left by her husband, sold the houses, and lived off the mortgages paid by the new owners. Her vision was to have her three children continue the family business when they finished college, but Fred wanted to start earlier, so she founded the company Elizabeth Trump & Son. She signed all legal documents, and performed the real estate closings. In 1927 when Fred was 22, Elizabeth Trump & Son was formally incorporated. Elizabeth remained involved throughout her life. Even in her 70s she would collect and count the coins from laundromats in Trump buildings.

It is no secret that "Trump’s Family Fortune Originated in a Canadian Gold-Rush Brothel." Buried in a ghost town in Canada’s subarctic are the roots of the family fortune that paved Donald Trump’s path to prominence.

"Ya got it. Ya sell it. Ya still got it."

"Photos tell the story of Donald Trump's early years" by Chicken Noodle News.

The Donald was not a gifted student - far from it.

As a result, he spent 5 years getting through high school - the New York Military Academy.

When Donald Trump’s father, Fred, died in 1999, the remaining undistributed $20 million was divided up among his children, “other than my son Fred C. Trump Jr.”

Donald Trump had helped draft the will.

Trump's older brother, Freddy Jr., was a handsome and fun-loving fellow. Freddy wanted to fly airplanes and deep-sea fish.

He wasn't interested in the family business, and he and his father quarreled. Freddy drank himself to death at 43.

Donald Trump's father, Fred Trump, was a major donor to Barry Goldwater.

As for "the Donald," he is a useful tool for Putin. That's TOOL but spelled with an "F."

Yes, "F" you Donald.

The Donald does not care. Woman love him!

As an opportunist, the Donald knows how to take advantage of almost everyone.

Especially low-information voters!

In "the dance of the dunces" educated voters uniformly rejected Trump while the lesser-educated uniformly supported Trump. And, because $hillary was NEVER "our candidate," Trump won the brass ring.

However, Trump is not safe from Mueller. Not by a long shot.

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