Friday, March 23, 2018

Is there a doctor (Ph.D.) in the house?

White House dysfunction is not a laughing matter and should not be treated that way on TV news shows. It's Chaos, Not Comedy.

H.R. McMaster was an “adult in the room” among adults in the room. The national security adviser is decorated war hero and Ph.D-wielding intellectual — one whose dissertation was a treatise on the hazards of allowing a president’s self-interest to override the better judgment of military experts and the diplomatic corps.

After taking the reins from disgraced Turkish government agent Michael Flynn, McMaster evicted his predecessor’s team of crackpot Islamophobes from the National Security Council, and won a war of attrition with Steve Bannon.

Of late, Kushner, McMaster, Cohn, and Sessions are all on the ropes.

McMaster scaled back Kushner’s portfolio but didn’t completely oust him or first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Now, the adult in the playpen is GONE.

General McMaster joins a VERY LONG LIST of people who have either been fired or resigned from the Trump administration.

Trump replaced H.R. McMaster as national security adviser in a move harmonized by choirboys (chief of staff) John Kelly and (Defense Secretary) James Mattis.

Following the arrival of Trump in the White House, the meaning of the words “adult” and “grownup” underwent a remarkable shift. They now refer far more to Kelly, McMaster, Mattis, and (to a lesser extent) Tillerson than the cry baby (Trump).

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