Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Kana: のうあるたかつめかくす

Translation: A skilled hawk hides its talons.

"In Japan, someone who uses their talents only when necessary, is thought to have a “hidden coolness” that is highly respected and admired.

You can see this in any of Akira Kurosawa’s old samurai movies’ like Yojimbo (a.k.a. Fistful of Dollars), and on occasions when good guys do not possess this ability to “hide their cards,” they are always cast as the comedic relief, such as the pair in “The Hidden Fortress.”"

and, the comedic relief of Donald Trump.


Koreans (North and South) took it an mental instability.


That is NOT toughness... that is Trump "hyperbole."

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump consistently broke from political orthodoxy in his effusive praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His glowing statements on Putin have become central in stoking the suspicion that he and his campaign were somehow connected to Russian interference in the election.

Read about it HERE.

And laugh - comic relief.

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