Saturday, September 2, 2017

From atop his Dumpster fire...

From atop his Dumpster fire, raging Trump 'turning on people that are very close to him.'

Trump is choking. He bit off more than he can chew.

In the meantime Democrats fear PROGRESSIVES.

What did the TAX TABLE look like when America was Great?

We need to RESTORE an honestly progressive tax!

SOmething LIKE THIS (if not this) as a start:

In the meantime, the trumpster in the dumpster fumes that he does not get the credit he thinks he deserves from the media or the allegiance from fellow Republican leaders he says he is owed. He boasts about his presidency in superlatives, but confidants privately fret about his suddenly dark moods.

Both Trump and the rest of Team Garbage Fire are smoldering over their new chief of staff, a military man attempting to instill a bit of discipline inside their Dumpster.

Is Donald Trump’s new chief of staff already fed up with the president?

Trump is not stable.

Trump is not fir for office.

Trump is not cute.

Shiro is cute!

Above is a cooler day in Monterey.

It is so hot that nuclear reactors can no longer be cooled in many places (e.g. France, American South).

Every day, large reactors like the two at Diablo Canyon, California, individually dump about 1.25 billion gallons of water into the ocean at temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the natural environment.

Diablo’s “once-through cooling system” takes water out of the ocean and dumps it back superheated, irradiated and laden with toxic chemicals. Many U.S. reactors use cooling towers which emit huge quantities of steam and water vapor that also directly warm the atmosphere.

Every nuclear generating station spews about two-thirds of the energy it burns inside its reactor core into the environment. Only one-third is converted into electricity.

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