Thursday, August 31, 2017

Entering a New Phase

Forget Trump and Tonic! Donald Trump’s reelection committee entered into a new phase, the Death Spiral.

Texas voted for Trump. How is Texas doing?

Texas has taken it on the nose -- and chin.

You can't rebuild and donate to the CREEP. (committee to reelect the president). You either support your family and neighbors (socialism) or you support the royal family.

Just like Trump's cabinet, Texans are wading knee deep in sewage!

Priorities change.

The GOP entering its own death spiral after Trump and Republicans who voted for repeal and replace face reelection.

Remember when the GOP voted AGAINST hurricane relief for New England?

Oh moon... of Alabama, We now must say GOODBY!

by Bertolt Brecht and translated from German by Elisabeth Hauptmann in 1925 and set to music by Kurt Weill in 1927.

Donald Trump must be finding it harder than usual to maintain his delusional rosy mental state.

I think the Trump administration has been in a death spiral since day one. His chances of re-election has been seriously, and very negatively, affected.

Kushner's business switches to 'crisis communications' PR firm as Russian investigations heat up.

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