Thursday, October 8, 2015

America's best kept secret:

California is "the welfare state."

Everybody knows it.

It is often repeated.

Except, it isn't true!

When you parse out the actual money spent on welfare - that is money from TAXATION that lands in the hands of the poor - it is a fraction of a penny! [a PDF]

Counties like to shift the cost of the Public Defender's Office (Staff and Lawyers) into the public assistance pot. And, as a line item, it makes accounting sense. Add Social Workers (public assistance) and medical costs and you start to see a clearer picture.

The real issue here is FOGGING. When hate-talk radio has YOU focused of welfare, which rabbit are they stuffing in their hat? Your retirement savings (with fees, churning, and penalties?), or your thinking skills (by playing to your fears and emotions)? $20 BILLION was once going to build 7 ships at $3.5 Billion per hull. At $7 billion (called on-budget and on-tome) THIS is what you get. (Temporary food and shelter for 158 people.)

The bottom line is this:

What is the difference between that college drop-out Rush and the Hindenburg?

One is a horribly over-inflated inflammatory gas bag and the other one is a balloon.

Happier people just don't listen to hate talk radio or watch FAUX Snews. They go for walks, read books, value their own skills, and do thing for the benefit of others.

"Rush Limbaugh and his rating-related woes are a source of amusement for those who can’t stand the hate monger. It’s hard NOT to be amused watching the downward spiral of a loudmouth whose primary claim to fame is divisiveness and ignorance.

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