Monday, October 5, 2015

Wisdom and Nature

In almost all folklore (even Buddhist), there is that which is manifested and that which is hidden. The hidden part is properly called occult (e.g. Solar occultation of Venus) or 'the mystery.'

Before NATURE, there was WISDOM.

In the Egyptian mysteries, this translates out to before Isis, there was Hathor.

In the folklore of the later Levant, In the Beginning...

But, let us back off to the simulation.

Before you actually RUN the simulation, you need to have the sequenced code (the logically written program).

And, in true statistical fashion, there need not be a code writer. Random circumstance is enough (e.g. one of the infinite possibilities is that a collapsing carbon star - in its diamond core - creates a computer in which the simulation code is indigenous.) An illogically written program would simply crash and there would be no simulation. Billions of illogically written programs could be running and crashing all the time and we would neither know this - or care - unless the crashing program interacted with this simulation - which is highly unlikely. A coincidentally logically written program could run and make this simulation - this completely arbitrary dream.

So, for the HERE and NOW, does it even matter if there is a code writer? No, unless it's a movie script.

The genetic code is very simple.

Will any of this lead to a better clock?

I don't know, wait and see.

Let's use the clock we have, and run the simulation.

A sleeping god's divine dream IS the universe in some traditions.

Or not. Even if you DO wait, you may NEVER see! Either way, it just doesn't matter.

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