Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Martius or March

The origin of the name Martius is by no means certain. It may be a derivation of the Greek goddess Medeia who was an enchantress in Greek mythology. It was Medeia who held up the crystal flask and said: "Here is the ichor of youth. I am Medeia the enchantress; my sister Circe gave me this." Medeia reigned at Corinth after which the NT book Corinthians is named.

The Latin martius, like the French martius means 'of Mars.' And Mars was the Roman god of war. And the Roman elite, being good republicans, loved war (but hated soldiers a.k.a. pedestrians).

As Caesar reports: "The soldiers of the tenth legion... we can see what pedestrian doggerel they are..."

However, the Latin Martius is a cognitive equivalent of the Greek Ares, the Ram. There were no Greek cities where Ares was worshiped.

For the god of war, however, Romans held many festivals. And, for Roman sports, the Campus Martius is noteworthy. The Campus Martius was the center of the Augustan building.

As Romans employed more mercenaries, the general allegiance of the army to the republic declined. This tilted the scales and Rome fell.

In America today, we employ a mercenary force which is "in it for the money." When the battles end (and they will), these individuals will be returned without passing through the necessary resocialiization programs. We may have 130,000 unemployed Rambos on our streets by the end of this decade. No wonder the Supreme Court is legalizing firearms for the general population!

Great Ages (over the top):
Taurus (the Bull) - the Great Age of India (Brahma)
Ares (the Ram) - the Great Age of Egypt (Amen-Ra)
Pisces (the Fishes) - the Great Age of the Occidentals (e.g. Ixeus - fishes)
Aquarius (the Water-Carrier) - the Great Age of the Intellectuals
Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and freedom, and honesty and sincerity. No wonder those who crave power fear it.

Wait and see.

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